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Day 26: Welcome to freedom
Posted: Monday, April 14, 2003

The end of the despotic regime of Saddam Hussein does not mean the end of despotism. The Foreign occupation is the worse type of despotism to any self-respecting and homeland loving person. If the Bush regime would have had any historical information on the region and the world, he would understand that no civilization accepts puppet regimes and foreign occupation.

Our vulnerable warmongers
The rush to justify the devastation

Occupational Hazard
We Americans proved once again last week what needs no further proof: When it comes to blowing up things and killing people, America has no equal.

Cheering crowds don't make an unjust war right

US/UK Controls All Iraqi Oil Fields
US/UK Coalition Controls All Iraqi Oil Fields

All oil fields in Iraq now fall within areas controlled by the U.S. coalition, but it will likely be at least a few weeks before crude is flowing from Iraq again, an American general said Monday. US/UK forces had previously secured all 1,000 oil wells in southern Iraq.

Bomb before you buy
What is being planned in Iraq is not reconstruction but robbery
The process of how they will get all this infrastructure to work is usually called "reconstruction". But American plans for Iraq's future economy go well beyond that. Rather than rebuilding, the country is being treated as a blank slate on which the most ideological Washington neo-liberals can design their dream economy: fully privatised, foreign-owned and open for business.

US tells Syria to co-operate or risk conflict
PRESIDENT BUSH yesterday accused Syria of having chemical weapons. In the clearest sign yet that Washington is turning its sights on Damascus’ links to terrorism, two of his most senior Cabinet members also warned the country against harbouring Iraqi officials.

Welcome to freedom, and have a nice day!
Dear People of Iraq, Now that you have been liberated from your oppressors, we at the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) look forward to our future relationship with you. As one of the oldest of American governmental agencies, we have a good deal of experience in assimilating people of other cultures to the American way of life.

US backtracks on chemical find
This is a game the US government and media play. There will be an entire day of non-stop "We think we found a banned weapon" followed by a quick little retraction, so that those who miss the retraction are intentionally left with the impression that banned WMDs were found and the war was justified. - whatreallyhappened

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