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Posted: Monday, April 14, 2003

by Maksud Djavadov

Glory to the Dragon

As the old Chinese fable states "I killed the Dragon, Now I am the Dragon, Glory to the Dragon" Just as expected by everybody it was only a matter of time until the despotic regime of Saddam Hussein was to fall. One should not be surprised if the planners in the US Central Command center in Qatar could even estimate the duration of hours of Saddam's resistance. It would not be a difficult for the CIA and Pentagon to do so because no one knows the creation as the one who created it. It's not a secret today to any open minded and research willing person to know that the regime of Saddam Hussein could stay in power for twenty-four years only due to the fourteen years of active US support. The end of the despotic regime of Saddam Hussein does not mean the end of despotism. The Foreign occupation is the worse type of despotism to any self-respecting and homeland loving person. If the Bush regime would have had any historical information on the region and the world, he would understand that no civilization accepts puppet regimes and foreign occupation.

Illusion of Victory

It is the natural law of history that occupation breeds insurrection. Unfortunately it seems that the Coalition of the War minded has absolutely forgotten this main law of war. It was surprising how the political elites and the ordinary citizens of the world were being fed with the illusionary view which is based on the idea propagated by the propaganda machines of the Pentagon and the White House that "Capture of Baghdad, Tikrit or Basra is Victory." It seems that the war minded coalition wants to conduct one of the biggest deceptive acts in human history. The coalition of the war minded has forgotten that Al-Qods (Jerusalem) was occupied fifty years ago and the victory is as far from the Israeli entity as the Earth from the Moon. Many ignore the most recent military facts from the experience in Chechnya, Afghanistan, Somalia and Vietnam. Even though Russian army has leveled Grozny to the ground and established its presence in the capital since four years, the war is far from over. The reports of Russian casualties are reported daily if not hourly. It seems that the propaganda machines have so far succeeded in creating virtual image of victory mainly due to the same successful tactic as applied today towards Afghanistan. The western public today is totally disillusioned about the situation in Afghanistan. The total informational blockade from Afghanistan by the western media caused many to believe that Afghanistan is transformed to Switzerland just with few damaged buildings. Only a few western media sources reported the Taliban take over of Zabul province and Spin Boldak on the 7th of April 2003, which they perhaps still control. The similar approach towards Iraq as towards Afghanistan is now being slowly implemented. Perhaps in a couple of weeks the world will be shown the pictures of Iraqis living their "normal life's" as the US troops and the new "government" is actively working to rebuild Iraq and the events of occupation will be hidden from the world. Such tactic in the long-ran will repeat the situation in Lebanon. The invasion force of the Israeli entity was reporting of its spectacular success and at the same time silencing its actual losses. Such policy was successful tactically, but strategically it was crashed as the Zionist forces were forced out of Lebanon by Hezbollah Liberation Movement.

Steps Further

Just as it was predicted by many the United States of America is not stopping the spread of war and chaos in the Middle East. The proclamation by the main war ideologue George Bush, that Syria posse's chemical weapons, is another indicator of war. It is interesting to see how the world media plays along with war monsters. Why has no one posed a question; Where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) which the United States of America was able so easily to see from its satellites in the space, but cannot find on the ground in Iraq? Where are the so called WMD, the photographs of which Collin Powell was showing at the Security Council meeting? No matter what the answer will be to these questions, the future plans of the United States of America are unchangeable. There is already a precedent in the world that a one can attack the other without any clear justification.

No matter how bad and horrible the policy of the US is today, strategically thinking one has to be impressed by the war planning of the United States of America. There many people in the world who do believe that the primary motivation of attacking Iraq was to dismantle and destroy the Islamic Republic of Iran and the author of this article also holds this view. What is very impressive about the US war plans is that it has rightly taken into consideration the serious challenge of Hezbollah liberation movement. The United States of America does know that if the Syrian government remains friendly to Iran, the attack on Iran will automatically cause a second front to be opened against Israel and the US supply lines by Hezbollah which is a very experienced and challenging military force. Such turn of circumstances will mean an inevitable defeat for the US military whose strength was already seriously put to question by limited Iraqi resistance. Therefore by putting Syria on the line next, the US is planning to eliminate a two front war in a final showdown with the Islamic Republic of Iran and this is another indicator that the United States of America is seriously preparing for another war.

Different Domino Effect

At the very beginning of the aggression against Iraq the world was talking of the so called domino effect which will take place in the region. It is unarguable that the domino effect will take place in the region, but a very different one from what the White House expects. It was evident to all that the Iraqi people were not in a very happy mood seeing the US and British troops in their cities except those few shown by the propaganda machines and presented as representing the mood of all Iraqi nation. A flood of volunteers from the Muslim world who went to defend the integrity and the honor of the people of Iraq shows that if really a democratic process to be launched in the region, its outcome at the ballot box would be the worst nightmare for the Bush regime. It would also be na´ve to think that the US would go against the despotic regimes of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Yemen, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan which do actively submit themselves to the United States of America. The Afghan experience of the puppet regime which only rules part of the capital city in Kabul should be an indicator to the United States of America that if the installation of puppet regime did not work in a place like Afghanistan, it is doomed to fail in Iraq. However, from the indirect aggressive actions of the United States of America towards the prominent Islamic leaders in Najaf such as Ayatollah Sistani, shows that the policy implementers in the White House do not learn from evident failures.

The destruction of Baghdad national library which was the center of archives of the ancient history of the Middle East and the "order" and "freedom" of looting and chaos as described by Mr. Rumsfeld, will make the US "liberation" even more unacceptable. Therefore the logical outcome of the all situation will be the domino effect causing the uncompromised resistance to the US expansionism in the region.

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