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Day 11: War Without End
Posted: Sunday, March 30, 2003

Demons Of Necessity:
Why Weapons of Mass Destruction Will be Found

An Iraqi boy sits near the body of his brother
An Iraqi boy sits near the body of his brother lying in a casket
prior to his funeral after the US-led bombing. Photo: AFP

He Ain't Heavy... He's My Brother

Why give out food and then bomb us?
Viewed from the northern edge of Zubayr, the bone-dry flatlands of the Mesopotamian plain are ablaze with Allah's wrath. Salah Mehdi, 35, watched the inferno burning in the nearby city of Basra. Close by, another sign of what Iraqis describe as "Qiyamat", the Muslim Day of Reckoning. The skies are marked by the thick, black smoke from burning oil wells.

Outrage Spreads in Arab World
Civilian Deaths in Baghdad Market Called a 'Massacre'

Special Search Operations Yield No Banned Weapons
The US/UK may yet plant some...

U.S. President.
10-2-1989. Presidential Directive 26.

War without end Pt II
SO, the combined forces of two of the world's military superpowers have discovered, to their dismay and at the cost of many lives, that the road to Baghdad is no cake walk, that it's not, after all, lined with masses of jubilant, soon-to-be-liberated Iraqis. If anything, they face thorns in the form of an angry population and a resilient though under-equipped Iraqi military.

Who Lied To Whom?
Why did the Administration endorse a forgery about Iraq's nuclear program?

Does the West understand how this hated war is altering the Arab world? Al-Jazeera has changed everything? The agenda is no longer dominated by Western news outlets or state-controlled media

Bombing of phone system another little degradation

Once more into the swamp
Saddam learned a lesson in 1991, the U.S. and Britain did not ... now their forces are tied down fighting a guerrilla war in Iraq

Troops Who Won't Fight Sent Home
A pair of British soldiers in the Gulf face up to two years' jail after refusing to fight. The duo - believed to be a private and an air technician - told officers they would not take part in a war in which innocent civilians were killed.
They are the only troops that I am supporting

Robert Fisk: In Baghdad
blood and bandages for the innocent

First 'shock and awe', now 'operational pause'
Having pushed forward so far, so fast, coalition troops now need to be relieved and resupplied

Iran and Syria hit back over Rumsfeld threat
Iran dismissed the warning as "propaganda" and insisted it remained neutral, joining Syrian condemnation of American threats as an attempt to cover up "war crimes". Anger also continued to grow in the Islamic world following the latest television reports of large-scale civilian casualties in Baghdad.

Basra's endless human tide
In an extraordinary report from the outskirts of the besieged city, Andrew Buncombe watches the British Army attempt to stem the flow of thousands of Iraqis that have been attempting to leave their hometown and - more bizarrely - to return to it

Another American request coming
Within the next few days, the United States plans to ask Barbados and its Caricom neighbours to help block any attempt to haul Washington before the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Tribunal to answer charges of abuses in Iraq.

Bay of Pigs Meets Black Hawk Down
At best, even assuming Saddam’s ouster, the Bush administration may be looking at an indefinite period of governing something akin to a California-size Gaza Strip.

Bush Given Invasion Plan Two Days Before 9/11
In the context of misleading statements from White House spokesman Ari Fleischer and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice about the degree of US foreknowledge of the 9/11 events, has revealed that detailed plans for the US retaliation against al-Qaeda and the Taliban reached the White House for Bush's signature on September 9, two days before the attacks.

Blueprint for war was drafted by team of experts in 1998

US assassins 'kill Iraqi chiefs' in Baghdad
AMERICAN special forces have assassinated several senior Iraqi officials in a series of bomb and sniper attacks in Baghdad and other cities, it was revealed yesterday.

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