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Posted: Thursday, March 27, 2003

¤ Government secrecy and other little steps toward fascism
¤ How war distracts from outlandish Bush policies
¤ Every Day Gets Worse And Worse
¤ 15 Stories They've Already Bungled
¤ Giant anti-war protest planned in London for April 12
¤ Al Jazeera TV wins award for battling censorship
¤ Enemy's zeal catches U.S. forces by surprise
¤ Uprising is a mirage in Iraq's deserts
¤ A List of Bush LIES on Iraq
¤ What Is Really Happening in Iraq?
¤ Commentary: Neither clean nor swift
¤ Banned Weapons Remain Unseen
¤ Going to war with Iraq was described it as a 'cakewalk'
¤ Dissidents Say Its A 'War of Conquest'
¤ Wounded U.S. troops say resistance surprised them
¤ Deal Reached on Iraq Oil-for-Food Effort
¤ PM says 'it's possible' Canadian soldiers in Iraq
¤ U.S. Media Applaud Bombing of Iraqi TV
¤ Iraqi Militia Pin Down U.S.-Led Forces in South
¤ Blair says US military should control post-Saddam Iraq
¤ Richard Perle resigns as key Rumsfeld adviser
¤ More U.S. troops, armor head to Iraq
¤ Myriad Forms Of Ethnic Cleansing
¤ Al-Qaeda fighting with Iraqis, British claim
¤ Of Lies, Liberation and American Self-Delusion
¤ The New Humanitarianism: Basra as Military Target
¤ The Corporate War Press: Onward Embedded Soldiers
¤ White House rules out ceasefire with Iraq
¤ U.S. Forces Preparing for Major Battle at Kerbala
¤ Who Is The Enemy?
¤ US loses hearts and minds amid suburban hell
¤ U.S. Advance Leaves Iraq Bus Full of Corpses
¤ Russia to defend post-war Iraq oil interests
¤ Wounded U.S. Soldiers Shocked at Iraqi Resistance
¤ Hackers Replace Al-Jazeera Web Site With American Flag
¤ Al-Jazeera defiant over war dead footage
¤ US troops open fire on each other - 30 wounded
¤ Iraq denies US marines wounded in friendly fire
¤ UK Claims WMD-Related Find in Iraq
¥ The suits could be present to ward off a US chemical attack
¤ Iraqi chem war protection doesn't mean WMD: Blix
¤ US diplomat resigns over Iraq
¤ Bush: however long it takes
¤ Would the real George Bush please stand down
¤ What racist arrogance!
¤ Scores arrested at anti-war "die-in" in New York
¤ Dozens of US marines injured by 'friendly fire'
¤ Iraq accuses U.S. of targeting civilians
¤ UN member states line up to condemn war against Iraq
¤ Invasion architect in hot water over conflicts of another kind
¤ First girl lost in the war
¤ International protests continue against US war in Iraq
¤ Israeli Helicopter Kills Two Palestinian Policemen
¤ Washington Can Win the War But Has Already Lost Its Authority
¤ Blair plays down the UN's role in rebuilding Iraq
¤ Liberian leader accuses US of supporting rebels
¤ George's little antics
¤ Is U.S. Backpedaling Into a Quagmire?
¤ Where Did They Go Wrong?
¤ Accidental deaths exceed those in combat
¤ Baghdad carnage more than 'collateral damage'
¤ Witnesses to War Hear Talk of Revenge
¤ This is the Bush Cartel's Perfect War
¤ Anti-Hussein Officials Rebuke Unilateral U.S. Battle Strategy
¤ Ladies' Tea Boils Over as Saudis Rail at US
¤ US Pays a Price for Living Like an Empire
¤ What You Aren't Being Told About Iraq
¤ Tribes, women and sand come to Saddam's aid
¤ Third stray coalition missile lands in Iran
¤ Wave of fury sweeps Middle East
¤ International Law a la Carte
¤ Crises deepen in India and North Korea
¤ North Korea raises arms spending
¤ Preventive War Opens Way to New Rules on Conflict
¤ Reinforcements add weight to criticisms
¤ Jubilation turns to hate as aid arrives
¤ Drowned Marines in full gear
¤ Saddam sends out his tanks
¤ Soldiers build secret camp to intern thousands of Iraqi captives
¤ Tanks head out of Basra to take on British troops
¤ Caricom states not among supporters of War
¤ Bush and Rumsfeld Had Better Watch Their Back
¤ McCarthy's ghost
¤ Can US and UK Avoid a Battle of Berlin?
¤ 'It was an outrage, an obscenity'
¤ Coalition of the Willing? Not us, say Solomon islanders
¤ Stay out of Iraq, Nato warns Ankara
¤ McCarthy's ghost
¤ UN big four baulk at renewing oil for food
¤ Tit for tat, India and Pakistan test-fire missiles
¤ War far from over, warns Rumsfeld
¤ Invasion architect in hot water over conflicts of another kind
¤ From Germany to Indonesia, anti-war consumers bite back
¤ Kashmir massacre escalates tensions
¤ Pyongyang warns Tokyo over plan to launch spy satellites
¤ Bloodied hands confront Australian PM
¤ When we become the bad guys
¤ Shock and awe are not enough
¤ Mesmerising, until the dead stare back
¤ In Howard we trust, but why?
¤ Allies must broaden agenda beyond Iraq: Blair
¤ Musharraf condemns killing of 24 people in held Kashmir
¤ US not to heed calls for cease-fire: Powell
¤ Why Arab intellectuals are now praying for Saddam
¤ On a day of destruction, the Allied leaders discuss reconstruction
¤ Troops battle against stinging sand, choking dust and torrential rain
¤ Civilians Slaughtered
¤ Fierce Clashes Slow US/UK Forces' Advance on the Capital
¤ US troops in running battles with guerrillas
¤ Fresh explosions rock Baghdad
¤ British troops face hit and run raids in Basra
¤ Iraqi movements spark fears of counter attack
¤ US/UK Bombs bring marketplace carnage

US freedom
Is this the freedom promised to the Iraqi people? An Iraqi youth cries as he runs past a burning car destroyed during a US-British air raid on Baghdad. At least 14 burnt corpses lay in a popular residential area of Baghdad, apparently killed in the US-led bombing or missile raid on Wednesday, Reuters Television correspondents said (Reuters photo, JT, 3/27/03)

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