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What racist arrogance!
Posted: Thursday, March 27, 2003

by Philip A. John

The outcry for the humane treatment of captured invading troops, by Bush and his partners in crime, is a crude and cynical attempt to pretend that those who declared and are now prosecuting this illegal war have respect for international law.

The savage bombardment of heavily populated civilian areas of Iraq and the tremendous loss of lives being suffered, however, have not met with the same expressions of concern. These deaths of innocent children, women and noncombatant men, are deftly dismissed as the unfortunate price--the sacrifice--of a war for their own "freedom" and "liberation". What racist arrogance!

While the UN rightfully condemned the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, it is deafeningly silent on the unilateral, uncensored military action taken by the US and Britain against sovereign Iraq.

In fact, under the precedent established by the Kuwait situation, the UN should be rallying other nations to come to the collective defense of a member state which has fallen victim to unwarranted military aggression.

But, once again, Kofi Annan, has proven that as Secretary General, he will ensure that the same standards are not applied to rich and poor, big and small, developed and underdeveloped, the militarily powerful and nations barely able to defend themselves. Annan's hands are unclean. He shares the responsibility for his complicity in the crime of disarming Iraq, knowing that he would not even raise as much as a whisper when that nation was invaded by US and British forces.

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