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Posted: Tuesday, October 5, 2004

¤ Why Washington Won't Save Darfur Villagers
¤ Dirty Politics in Land of "Clean" Government
¤ How to Debate the Terror War Arch Propagandist
¤ A Handy Guide to Halliburton for the VP Debate
¤ Boom Time for Billionaires
¤ Treat Terrorists As The Criminals They Are
¤ Powell Says Brazil Not Developing Nukes
¤ Aristide backers protest in capital
¤ US Vetoes Measure Demanding Israel Stop Gaza Fight
¤ 'Israeli troops shot schoolgirl 20 times'
¤ The Smoking Gun?
¤ War Lies Are Piling Up
¤ US 'bugged' France's Chirac calls
¤ Israeli Military Backs Off U.N. Claim
¤ UN signs pact with International Criminal Court opposed by US
¤ Waiting to bomb Iran
¤ Bush revealed his true dependency Thursday
¤ Edwards v. Halliburton
¤ Israel of America? America of Israel?!
¤ It’s Time for US to Think of an Elegant Exit From Iraq
¤ The eyes that cannot see beyond Jabaliya and Samarra
Flashback ¤ Rumsfeld: U.S. Has ‘Bulletproof‘ Evidence of Iraq‘s Links to Al Qaeda
¤ Rumsfeld: Iraq/al-Qaida remarks 'misunderstood'
¤ Donald Rumsfeld Says No Hard Evidence Links Saddam To al-Qaida
¤ CIA review finds no evidence Saddam had ties to Islamic terrorists
¤ Crude Oil Prices Top $51 a Barrel
¤ Mother of soldier killed in Iraq collapses, dies
¤ Senseless in Gaza
¤ In a spin
¤ Russian boom lifts BP profits
¤ Four U.S. Soldiers Charged With Murder
¤ 64 feared dead as migrants' boat sinks
¤ Dear Mike, Iraq sucks
¤ Appeal begins for terror suspects held in 'UK's Guantanamo'
¤ Iraq car bombs kill 26 and injure 100
¤ Fox - the naked truth
¤ U.S. Faces Complex Insurgency in Iraq
¤ CIA review finds no evidence Saddam had ties to Islamic terrorists
¤ Bremer Criticizes Troop Levels
¤ George W. Bush & the “Mandate of Heaven”
¤ Gaza Through the Looking Glass
¤ Editorial: Come clean on Iraq threat
¤ How Many Iraqis Have to Die Before We Care?
¤ Who’s Minding the Store?
¤ 'What's Going on in the USA?'
¤ U.S. Warplanes Bomb Vast Baghdad Slum
¤ Haitian Pro-Aristide Marchers Threaten PM
¤ Rumsfeld Says He Was Misunderstood on Iraq-Al Qaeda
¤ Rumsfeld admits there may not be Saddam-Al-Qaeda link
¤ Israeli troops kill Palestinian schoolgirl
¤ Iraq general murdered by GIs: U.S.
¤ Israeli missiles kill more Palestinians
¤ No killing, just more pain for Iraq
¤ Kerry dead wrong on North Korea
¤ Bush-Kerry debate: Both wrong on N Korea

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