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No respect for international law
Posted: Sunday, December 28, 2003


These days George Bush, like an evil toad with a demonic smirk on his face, gloats over the capture of Saddam Hussein, and the American media make mas about this incident calling the deposed leader a rat, a coward, a fraud and other derogatory names. Indeed, George Bush's popularity rating has moved up to over 60 percent in his country. This is understandable for after all, ignorance, stupidity, hypocrisy and rage are rampant in the good ole USA.

Any reasonably intelligent person following the recent past history of Iraq would know that by the time the Americans and British broke every tenet of international law and launched their cowardly attack on Iraq, that country was a spent force and Saddam Hussein had become irrelevant. The "Gulf War" never ended. The British and Americans kept up their constant attack on Iraqi targets without any justification whatsoever. The embargo imposed on that country was responsible for poverty, sub-human conditions and starvation of millions of Iraqis. In fact over million infants died as the result of that embargo. Further, by that time the Iraqi military forces had been decimated. The Americans used highly sophisticated weapons against "card- board" tanks and other ineffective equipment and worse yet the coalition forces slaughtered hundreds of innocent Iraqi citizens. As Hans Blix continues to maintain, there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Clearly, the derogatory terms used to describe Saddam can be used to describe Bush, Blair and their cronies. I hold no brief for Saddam but if he is to stand trial for his crimes why should Bush, Blair and others responsible for similar atrocities, walk free?

Speaking about the occupation, I can't help but be unsympathetic when coalition forces are terminated by the resistance fighters of Iraq. It may be a bit sick to rejoice at the taking of human life but then it brings back memories to me. During the Nazi occupation of European countries after the outbreak of World War II many people around the world including Americans not only rejoiced but cheered on the resistance fighters when they killed the Nazi soldiers in their country. That was an unjust, unlawful and cowardly occupation of sovereign states and Hitler's soldiers deserved what they got. It did not matter if they were "good Germans" or soldiers sworn to do their duty whether they liked it or not. Today, we have American storm troopers sent by a fascist administration to invade and occupy a sovereign state. No difference from Nazi Germany, so, if the Iraqi freedom fighters, in an effort to free their country, waste a lot of "good German" American and coalition soldiers, why should they not be applauded? After all, what was acceptable during World War II should be acceptable today.

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