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Saddam Hussein has been Captured
Posted: Sunday, December 14, 2003

by Rootsie, Trinicenter Staff
December 14, 2003

How does this staged media event mean 'freedom' and a 'new Iraq'? What was ever relevant about capturing Saddam anyway except helping Bush in the polls due to the ignorance of an American people bamboozled into believing that Saddam had something to do with 9-11?

And how convenient that he is 'captured' (if he even was) a day or two after they set up a court in Iraq to try him.

Those pictures could be months old. They could be fabricated. This is the the aggravating thing. Anything could be true and we would never know.

I don't know what's worse: having a completely controlled media, or a criminally miseducated population that believes everything it tells them. At least in the Soviet Union the people knew enough not to believe the news.

Every TV station and media outlet is spinning and spinning, telling us what a big deal this is. Well on the crudest level it's macho revenge or something--'our' big guy brought down 'their' big guy. But Saddam is not and never has been the issue, except in the minds of brainwashed Americans. Just as on 9-11, I find the American response disgusting. How dare we be so ignorant? At this point in history it is simply a crime.

This was written on 9-11.

America America Does not love ideas
O no America does not love ideas.
America does not like to be sober. Not much.
America loves to leap before America looks.
America just cannot sit still.
America hates history, hates to be reminded
That causes have effects.
America cannot abide those who observe that her chickens
Have come home to roost.
America will pay anything for the illusion of safety,
Yet America is still afraid and can't figure out why
But that's an idea and like I said
America does not love ideas---
America busy anyways fixin her makeup.
She will sacrifice practically anything
Not to reflect, not to think long.
America is afraid of the dark.
After all America is the City on a Hill
The muscular might the brilliant thrusting light
Of a distant Deity
And America insists there is no downside to any of this
Of this America.
America don't need to play by anyone's rules,
America is America after all.
America says America loves freedom
While giving away as much of it as possible
As quick as possible. Freedom- but nobody feels free
Because there is much, much America refuses to see.
America is quick to anger, impatient, and unkind.
America gives no consideration to the seventh generation.
America loves gas-gulping cars
Dehumanized sex
and bling.
America loves varaiation after variation
Of the same old f*****g thing.
America loves distractions and diversions of all kinds
Cuz America can't stand her own mind.

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