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Day 36: UN is not dead?
Posted: Thursday, April 24, 2003

Bush: Iraq's WMD May Have Been Destroyed
President Bush raised the possibility Thursday that any Iraqi weapons of mass destruction were destroyed before or during the U.S.-led war, suggesting for the first time that coalition troops may come up empty in their search.

The lessons of Lebanon
Let's not forget the mess the US made last time it tried 'nation building' in the Middle East

N. Korea admits having nuclear bomb CNN ???

North Korea issues war warning to US
The North's defence minister, Kim Il Chol, said: "If the US imperialists and their followers intrude into even an inch of the inviolable sky, land and sea of the [North] ... the KPA will deal merciless deadly blows at the aggressors and achieve a final victory in the confrontation with the US."

U.S. Warns Iraqis Against Claiming Authority

No weapons of mass destruction
More than half of Iraq's top 'weapons sites' searched

Britain skeptical about Iraq UN inspectors
LONDON - Independent verification of any Iraqi weapons of mass destruction may not fall to UN inspectors but rather to a country which is not part of the Iraq war coalition, Britain's Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon said Thursday.

The Busher of Baghdad
Liberating Iraq by Caesarean section

Arab world now faces invasion by American TV
Washington's battle to win public support in the Arab world has begun in earnest with the first broadcasts of what officials say will become a 24-hour satellite television network aimed at changing minds throughout the region by American-style morning chat-shows, sports, news and children's programmes.

Made for TV
Sometimes it's hard to tell how many Americans understand the difference between TV and the three-dimensional world. Just before the Iraq war, polls showed almost 60 percent held Saddam Hussein responsible for the 9/11 terror attacks--a claim not even the president made, although Bush took pains to link Saddam's alleged "weapons of mass destruction" and the terrorist threat.

Americans reassert authority in Baghdad

U.S., North Korea talks may collapse
NBC reports Pyongyang admitted having nuclear weapons

Suicide Blast in Israeli Town Kills One

Hastert puts Syria and Iran on notice
America's third-highest elected official issued a stern warning to Iraqi neighbors Iran and Syria from the military's European headquarters in Germany on Tuesday. "One way or another, they'll have to change their ways" said U.S. Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert, R-Ill., of the two Middle East countries that remain on the top of the State Department's blacklist of countries that support terrorism.

The UN is not dead yet:
it still has the power to hold America to account

Let the Americans and their band of allies twist in the wind a little longer; let them know that even their power has its limits

Iran Denies It Promoting Shi'ite Role in Iraq

Britain calls home bulk of ground forces

France 'open' to a NATO role in postwar Iraq

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