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Day 35: Lost Treasures
Posted: Wednesday, April 23, 2003

What, No Smoking Gun?
The Media and the Specter of WMD

Bush comes clean: It was about oil
Thousands of Iraqis have been reduced to poverty, raped and murdered by rampaging goons as U.S. Marines stood around and watched. Wanna guess how long it will take them to "get over it"? We watched the plunder of museums in Mosul and Baghdad safe at home with our tisk-tisk dismay, but Iraqis will remain outraged by the wanton devastation we wrought through war, permitted through negligence and shrugged off through arrogance. ("We didn't allow it," Rumsfeld shrugged. "It happened.") Imagine foreign troops sitting idly, laughing as hooligans trashed the Smithsonian, stole the gold from Fort Knox and burned down the Department of the Interior.

Crown jewel of American empire

Proof of Media Bias:
Israel the only Mid East Country With Weapons of Mass Destruction

WMD hunt vital for Blair CNN

Blix: Where Are The WMDs?

¤ Bush bars UN weapons teams from Iraq
¤ Bush slams door on U.N. inspectors

Sars virus 'mutating rapidly'
The virus thought to cause Sars is constantly changing form, say scientists - which will make developing a vaccine difficult.

¤ Mystery deepens over SARS key
¤ Scientists find there is no quick cure for Sars
¤ Is the Sub-continent immune to SARS menace?


Fox News Engineer Charged With Smuggling
Fox News Channel Engineer Charged With Smuggling 12 Stolen Iraqi Paintings, Bonds

Collectivist calculations
Remember the little Iraqi boy with the charred torso, whose arms were blown away by an American dumb bomb? Although Baghdad's hospitals, such that they are, are full of such small children, Ali has become the face of "collateral damage."

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