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Day 30: Thousands Protest
Posted: Friday, April 18, 2003

The errand and the fools
Why the Bush cabal's newfound mission to'liberate' Iraq, Syria, and the world is doomed to failure

Franks faces Belgium 'genocide' case
US Allied Forces Commander, General Tommy Franks, and a second, unnamed party, could face trial in Belgium for war crimes under the country's amended genocide law after four Belgian doctors lodged a complaint in Brussels.

Bombs silent, but the children still suffer
Bombs FoodA five-year-old boy blinded when he picked up a cluster bomb while he played with friends is just the latest victim as the agony goes on
Children lying on dirty vinyl mattresses, desperate mothers clutching whimpering infants, harassed doctors signing prescriptions that they barely have time to read - a week after the guns fell silent the scene at the Central Children's hospital in the Iraqi capital is still one of war-related chaos, relieved only by tireless improvisation by dedicated staff.

Under pressure, US sending team to ferret out WMD
Under intense pressure to prove the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the United States is sending a 1,000-strong force to Iraq to hunt them out.

Syria refuses to allow arms inspection
Syria said on Thursday it would not allow arms inspections on its soil but would join forces with the world to rid the whole Middle East of weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), in line with its proposal to the United Nations.

Desolation Row
As the desolation -- sorry, liberation -- of Iraq continued apace, the Masters moved quickly and efficiently to secure the country's oil fields, but they blithely and deliberately failed to secure the lives of innocent people left in bombed-out cities without any system of law or governance.

Tens of thousandsTens of thousands

Tens of thousands in Baghdad call for US withdrawal
Tens of thousands of demonstrators in Baghdad protested against the United States presence in Iraq on Friday, following Friday prayers.

Advisor resigns while US reacts to limit damage
Under mounting pressure after the looting of Baghdad’s main museum, Washington announced it sent FBI agents to Iraq to help recover the priceless artifacts.

Arab states hurry to ease US concerns
Middle East countries, fearing their own political futures, are taking steps to ensure the United States does not perceive them as assisting Iraq.
Dirty coward bastards...

War in Iraq a Reason for Shame
Good Friday is the right day to assess the current war. Despite what some may be saying, this is not an Easter moment. It is not a moment of victory or triumph, and certainly not a time for "alleluias." It is a moment for sorrow, anguish and reflection.

Avoid the Road to Damascus

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