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Day 25: Carving Up The 'New' Iraq
Posted: Sunday, April 13, 2003

Sunday Morning War Porn

US soldiers hurt in guerrilla attack
Six US soldiers were wounded, two of them seriously, in a surprise grenade attack near Baghdad on Sunday, heightening fears that the Iraqi resistance could now predominantly take the form of sudden hit-and-run attacks.

Legacy Of Anarchy, Terrorism
My thoughts as I watched the mighty US and British military forces beat the daylights out of an Iraqi force that was battered to pulp by bombs and bombers they could not even see, but whose fury wreaked untold deaths and damage to their towns and cities.

The first anti-American demonstration
in Baghdad was yesterday. It started by
demanding an end to looting. (Al-Ahram, 4/13/03).

Anti-US protest in Baghdad
A noisy crowd of Iraqis gathered around Baghdad’s Palestine Hotel and raised anti-American slogans on Sunday, signaling that the popular mood in the besieged capital was fast turning against the US troops.

Fierce fighting on the edges of Tikrit

7 US POWs recovered
Seven US soldiers captured and confined by the Iraqis as prisoners of war were rescued by US troops on Sunday

Firms that gave to Bush get contracts
All the American firms to get Iraqi reconstruction contracts have bankrolled George Bush and the Republican Party or have direct links to USAID, the department of state handing out the Iraqi contracts.

Welcome aboard the Iraqi gravy train
Congratulations to all the winners of tickets to take part in the greatest rebuilding show on earth

Carving Up The New Iraq

So, all's well that ends with oil wells?
First, no critic of the invasion of Iraq was under any illusion that the US would lose. The military victory was inevitable. In any contest between a cruise missile and a leather-reinforced donkey, the smart money is always on the missile. And, in any case, the US has been assiduously disarming Iraq for 12 years.

Israel to U.S.: Now deal with Syria and Iran

'We want them to be nervous'
(That means you Ali, Bashar and Kim)

Baghdad Seethes With Anger Toward U.S.
Baghdad was bursting with anti-American feeling Saturday as residents saw their city being stripped by its own citizens while U.S. forces stood by, rarely intervening and in some cases even motioning treasure-laden men through checkpoints.

The politics of propaganda

Admiral: banned arms claims were exaggerated

America Targeted 14,000 Sites.
So Where are the Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Syria Is Our Next Victim
Wake Up To The Atrocity!

More Bombs and Bread
My friends will keep working, however, applying band-aids to a country dying of sabre-wounds. The message must get through to the uninformed public and belligerent decision-makers: humanitarian assistance is no solution. Not prior to a conflict, not during, and not afterwards.

Downing Street denies
appeal to Dyke over BBC's war coverage

US alarmed by India's war threats

BBC defends its reporter in Baghdad

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