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Day: 24 Operation Iraqi Chaos
Posted: Saturday, April 12, 2003

Operation Iraqi Chaos
Ominously, the past two days of toppled statues showed nothing of the carnage in Baghdad hospitals. The International Committee of the Red Cross revealed that Iraqi hospitals were so overwhelmed that the injured were lying bleeding in hallway floors awaiting treatment and care. This is where the real war begins.

Who is to blame for the collapse in morality that followed the 'liberation'?
Pillage merits a specific prevention clause in the Geneva Conventions, just as it did in the 1907 Hague Convention

Rumsfeld cracks jokes, but Iraqis aren't laughing

Rejoice? Pride just might precede a fall

France to pay for opposing war: US
France should "pay some consequences" for its opposition to the US-led war in Iraq, particularly for its veto of Nato support for Turkey, Deputy Defence Secretary Paul Wolfowitz said Thursday.

Leaders Ask:
Where are Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction

"The United States started talking about weapons of mass destruction and finally went to regime change. It was determined to do what it has done in Iraq and the rest was brought in as supporting reasons,"

Peace marchers on streets again

Iraq chaos boosts anti-war rally in London

Pow's Folks Still Worried

Children killed as marines fire on vehicle

Are tyrants shocked, awed or stocking up on nukes?
Can't you just picture the North Korean leader, well-lit in a TV armchair, saying: "Hi, my name's Kim Jong-Il. My friend Saddam didn't have nuclear weapons, and look at the price he paid. I do have nukes - and America backed off. If you're a rogue state, call one of our operators now - and get nuked-up. The US won't touch you. I guarantee it."

Blix: US was bent on war

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