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Day 23: The Day After
Posted: Friday, April 11, 2003

The Lie Of Liberation
Cheering Iraqis are just a diversion, folks. BushCo's real goal is only just beginning

Damascus Road: More Invasions to follow
Syria, however, would make a tasty snack -- rough fare gulped down on the long, circuitous march to Persia and Cathay. What's more, a dose of shock and awe for Damascus would secure the rear for any eventual push on Teheran. And once recalcitrant Syria is brought to heel, the juicy olive of Lebanon would surely fall of its own ripe weight, without any need of brutal plucking.

Dead and injured in arsenal explosion

huge explosion destroyed around twenty houses in Baghdad
Many Iraqi civilians and a US tank crew died
today when a huge explosion destroyed around
twenty houses in Baghdad, Al Jazeera channel reported.

Saddam's half-brother killed in bomb raid

More bloodlust than a real war
Behind the gloating of John Howard (restrained), Donald Rumsfeld and the Murdoch communications empire (hysterical), what is there to be proud of? This was no war but a travesty. It was an invasion by 300,000 military forces to "disarm" Saddam Hussein of his "weapons of mass destruction". It was not about "regime change". We know this because our Prime Minister said so, repeatedly, for months. And he wouldn't lie, would he? This was a "war" to strip a "rogue state" of biological and chemical weapons to keep them out of the hands of "international terrorists" and "other rogue states".

The general waits in the wings
The man widely tipped to become head of Iraq's new US-led civilian administration has been dubbed variously viceroy, proconsul, president-in-waiting and even the "sheriff of Baghdad".

US troops' anguish: Killing outmatched foes

Baghdad archeological museum looted

US barbarism in Iraq

Political lessons of the war in Iraq

Syria puts its foot down
Syria, a staunch opponent of the United States-led war on Iraq, has said that it would consider any post-war administration run by the United States military in Baghdad as an "occupation government".

Geneva Convention breached, says UN
Coalition forces in Iraq are breaching the Geneva Convention by failing to protect hospitals in Baghdad from looters, the United Nations claimed.

Palestine, Syria, Cuba advised to draw lessons

Robert Fisk: Baghdad: the day after

US says flag incident was a 'coincidence'
It was, by any measure, an astonishing coincidence. As the biggest statue of Saddam Hussein in Baghdad was pulled down "spontaneously" in front of the world's media, the Stars and Stripes which flew on the Pentagon on 11 September was at hand to be draped over its face.

Fears for the future
The assassination of a revered Shia Muslim cleric is symptomatic of the growing uncertainty following recent celebrations in Baghdad, says Brian Whitaker

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