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Day 22: Saddam Is Toppled
Posted: Thursday, April 10, 2003

US marines killed in human bomb attack

Pro-US Shia religious leader assassinated
Senior Iraqi Shia leader Abdul Majid al-Khoei and an aide were killed by a mob at a mosque in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf on Thursday, the Khoei family foundation said.

Iraqis paid blood price for fraudulent war
The wider global impact of this war was spelled out by North Korea's foreign ministry this week. "The Iraqi war shows," it declared, with unerring logic, "that to allow disarmament through inspections does not help avert a war, but rather sparks it", concluding that "only a tremendous military deterrent force" can prevent attacks on states the US dislikes.

Volunteers resist US troops in Baghdad
Twenty-one Iraqi civilians and resistance fighters were killed together with one US Marine in renewed fighting in Baghdad, a day after invading US-led forces occupied the centre of the city

Which country is next on the list?

Baghdad Is Hit by Arson and Looting

The Iraqi killing fields
It was inevitable. When it finally happened, it was like clockwork. Al-Jazeera's office in Kabul was incinerated by four missiles in the 2001 ousting of the Taliban in Afghanistan. True to CentCom form, al-Jazeera's office in Baghdad was hit by a Tomahawk this week in the invasion of Iraq - even though the Qatari network had offered its global positioning system (GPS) position to the Pentagon in late February

Counting the dead
Rwanda and Uganda are occupying Congo for largely bogus reasons - yet Britain continues to back them

Blair launches new Iraqi TV
Tony Blair and George Bush will address the Iraqi nation later today on a new television station set up by coalition forces in a bid to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people.

Symbolic in more ways than one
They were making reasonable progress, and might well have toppled it after a few hours, but that would have been too late for primetime TV. The Americans were getting impatient, and their armoured vehicle lumbered up the podium steps with the elegance of a sexually aroused hippopotamus.

Chirac hails fall of Saddam Hussein
French President Jacques Chirac hashailed the fall of Saddam Hussein and said full sovereignty must be returned to Iraq as soon as possible and "with the legitimacy of the United Nations". "It is now necessary to create the conditions which will give the Iraqi people its dignity in refound freedom," a statement from the French president's office said.

Baghdad Joy Unconfined As Saddam Is Toppled

Cheering "throngs" in Baghdad?
Wide-angeled photo of the 'cheering Iraqis'
This wide-angled photo shows that the 'cheering Iraqis' television
footage may have been staged.
Photo: Reuters
The photo shows the US tank pulling down the statue of Saddam.
Note the amount of people around this event. Remember the television
reports did not show a wide-angled shot of this event. More
Revisit: Exile-Led Militia flown into Southern Iraq

¤ Is this why they bombed non-embedded journalists?

General Custer 'Captures' Downtown Baghdad ... Uh Oh!
Desperate to win public approval for his illegal invasion of Iraq, Donald Rumsfeld has been "padding" his Pentagon briefings just a little bit. Well, not just a little bit Rumsfeld could reasonably be accused of ridiculous exaggeration bordering on pure fantasy, but that would let the cat right out of the bag.

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