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The CIA and the KGB are negotiating about Saddam
Posted: Thursday, April 10, 2003, 4/9/03

A senior General in the Russian military intelligence service, previously known as the KGB, has told Al-Jazeera TV correspondent in Moscow that the CIA had some elements in Baghdad before the war to function as a negotiating link between the Iraqi and the US leaders.

A major objective, from the US viewpoint, is to stop the fighting on the part of Iraqis, in order to save life and to avoid more destruction. The Russian General said that this is why there has been almost no resistance from the Republican Guard and Army units.

In return, the negotiations now are about securing a safe haven for the Iraqi President, his family, and members of the Iraqi leadership.

Russian leaders believe that the war is almost over and the evidence is that Iraqi leaders are no longer appearing on TV. People have sensed the collapse of government and started looting government offices and houses of Iraqi leaders.

A Russian newspaper reported today that the US shooting at the Russian Ambassador convoy, which left Iraq to Syria, was because of a dispute between Russian and US intelligence agencies. The dispute was about the secret archives of the Iraqi President, which were handed to the Russian Embassy. The Americans wanted them but the Russians carried them to Damascus, then to Moscow.

The US government was notified of the time and the route of the convoy before it started leaving Iraq. That is why the US shooting was a dangerous development in the US-Russian relations that was resolved quickly by letting the convoy to continue in its way to Syria.

The Russian newspaper added that the Russian Ambassador was instructed by Moscow to accompany the archives as a human shield that would prevent the US forces from damaging them through bombing.

The US forces tried several times to stop the convoy and search but the Russian did not allow them. Finally, the US forces destroyed the two Iraqi vehicles in front of the convoy.

It seems that the Russians were content with this part of the booty, leaving the CIA with everything else in Baghdad, including negotiations about stopping the Iraqi resistance in return for a safe haven for the Iraqi leadership.

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