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Day 20: High farce and death
Posted: Tuesday, April 8, 2003

Suspected execution site actually a morgue
Building houses 408 casualties of Iran-Iraq war

Death, fear, grief at Baghdad bomb site
but no sign of Iraqi leader

Al-Jazeera claims military 'cover up'
Arabic satellite news channel al-Jazeera has accused the US of deliberately bombing its offices in Baghdad in an attempt to "cover up" its activities in Iraq.

U.S. plans own war-crimes trials
Washington intends to bypass the United Nations and try Iraqi leaders for alleged war crimes under U.S. law, State Department and Pentagon officials said yesterday, and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and his two sons could be among those prosecuted if they are taken alive. War-crimes trials could be handled by special U.S. military commissions, military courts, martial or civilian federal criminal courts, said W. Hays Parks.

BUSH and his administration should be taken before the International War Crimes Court notwithstanding their bravado.

The view from the throne
After carefully crafted U.S. public relations were foiled for weeks by photos of sandstorms and friendly-fire mayhem, American POWs, and terrified and dead Iraqi civilians, the White House finally got a shot it must have hoped would come sooner: U.S. soldiers lounging in easy chairs in one of Saddam Hussein's palaces.

Yesterday's Emergency Has Been Cancelled
Due to Political Inconvenience

Bush's Alderaan

CIA death squads operating in Iraq
While President Bush and his officials depict Iraqis resisting the US-led invasion as "terrorists" and "death squads," CIA and Special Forces assassination squads are at work in Iraq, seeking to eliminate Iraqi leaders and other opponents of the US occupation of the country.

Killing the Messengers
Deliberate or Accident: It Doesn't Really Matter

Is Al-Jazeera Targeted by the U.S. Govt?

Australia calls in favour from Washington
Staking its claim to a share of the post-war economic cake, Australia announced on Tuesday that it expected to play a role in the interim administration that the US plans to install in Iraq.

Two US planes shot down: Iraq

Iraq not your 'treasure chest'
UN warns coalition

Al-Jazeera cameraman killed in US raid

Baghdad's Palestine Hotel Struck by U.S. Forces
Two Journalists Killed


Three journalists killed in US strikes

Chemical Hypocrites
As it struggles to justify its invasion, the US is getting ready to use banned weapons in Iraq

After Iraq: who is next?
After all, the current US-led war against Iraq, despite unprecedented international outcry, has not deterred it from aggression, which, it seems, will not terminate until 'regime change' is achieved.

Syria now top US target for 'regime change'
One of the main subjects on the agenda of the Belfast summit yesterday was Syria, the Pentagon's next likely target for "regime change".

Battle for Baghdad takes a new turn
What the US is doing now in Baghdad is a mixture between occupying the capital and carrying out quick incursions into the city before withdrawing to assertain Iraqi strength

It seemed as if Baghdad would fall within hours.
But the day was characterised by crazed normality, high farce and death
- Robert Fisk

'Embedded Journalists':
There's A Name for People Like Them

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