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Day 18: An unjust conflict
Posted: Sunday, April 6, 2003

War and Occupation:
The Future of the World?

US accused of plans to loot Iraqi antiques

N Korea Says
Only Massive Deterence Can Avert War

North Korea hardened its stance on Sunday in a nuclear stand-off with the United States, saying only a "tremendous military deterrent force" could avert war. As invading U.S. forces tightened their grip on Baghdad, North Korea's Foreign Ministry said the U.S.-led war against Iraq had proved to Pyongyang that not even a non-aggression pact with Washington could peacefully resolve the nuclear crisis.

Cheering Iraqi soldiers head to the frontA US female soldier frisks an Iraqi woman
Left: Cheering Iraqi soldiers head to the front AFP / Haidar
Right: A US female soldier frisks an Iraqi woman Umm Qasr AFP/Andersen

Iraqi Hospitals Offer Snapshot of War Horror

200 bodies found are Iranian soldiers
A senior army commander has said that the remains of 200 people found by British troops in a barrack near Basra are those of Iranian soldiers killed in the 1980-88 Iran-Iraq war. The Persian-language newspaper `Jomhouri-E Eslami' quoted Brigadier-General Mirfeisal Baqerzadeh, the head of the search and recovery committee for those missing in action, as saying that the bodies had been discovered over the recent months in joint recovery operations in Iran's Shalamcheh, and Iraq's Az Zubair and Al Faw. Baqerzadeh stressed that the remains were to be repatriated to Iran, but the repatriation did not proceed as the US-led war against Iraq started.

US/UK Invaders hit Kurdish convoy
An American warplane has bombed a Kurdish convoy in northern Iraq which had been joined by members of US special forces, killing several people.
US 'friendly fire' kills 18 in Kurdish convoy: witnesses

A morally hollow victory
No amount of PR will disguise the fact that this war is an outrage against humanity

A wake up call
Now that the United States, in full defiance of the U.N. Security Council and the opinion of the greater majority of people around the world, has begun its war against Iraq, it is imperative that we not be bedazzled by the image of the great and powerful Oz spouting promises of liberation and democracy. Rather, we must tear away the curtain and expose the man, or in this case, the group of men operating the controls behind this cloak of deceit.

Robert Fisk: The Battle of Baghdad
The Iraqi bodies were piled high in the pick-up truck in front of me, army boots hanging over the tailboard, a soldier with a rifle sitting beside them. Beside the highway, a squad of troops was stacking grenades as the ground beneath us vibrated with the impact of US air strikes. The area was called Qadisiya. It was Iraq's last front line. Thus did the Battle for Baghdad enter its first hours, a conflict that promises to be both dirty and cruel.

War provides cover for a Israeli raids
While the world focuses on Iraq, 17 Palestinians have been killed and more than 1000 detained as Israeli forces step up raids.

'Liberation' is nigh, says Bush
US President George W Bush on Saturday promised that "liberation" was nigh for the people of Iraq, and slammed the "cowardice and murder" of their leaders as US tanks thrust into Baghdad.

US warns India against pre-emptive strike
Pakistan remained silent and did not react on Saturday, when the United States sent a crystal clear message to India, saying that any attempts to draw parallels between the Iraq and the Kashmir situations are wrong and overwhelmed by the differences between them. Hence, Washington says India should not use the doctrine of pre-emptive strike upon Pakistan that it has used in Iraq.

An unjust conflict

Cronies set to make a killing
Andrew Natsios, head of the US Agency for International Development, set out last week to counter accusations that $600 million worth of contracts for reconstruction in Iraq that he is to award to US companies, some with strong Republican links, were examples of cronyism.

Now playing: Saving Private Lynch
One could have easily gotten the impression last week that the war in Iraq is being fought to liberate pretty young American girls from Iraqi hospitals.

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