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Day 14: Hospital Bombed
Posted: Wednesday, April 2, 2003

Russia accuses US authorities deception
Russia has accused US authorities of misleading both domestic and international opinion by manipulating media reports on the war in Iraq, which Moscow strongly opposes. "We have all seen the bias in the information provided, the violations of the rights of journalists and the way they deceive the American public and the international community as a whole," a spokesman for the press ministry said in a statement, as quoted by the RIA Novosti news agency.

Jordanian king slams 'invasion' of Iraq
Jordan's King Abdullah II today described for the first time the US-British-Australian attacks on neighbouring Iraq as an "invasion" and said his country had persistently refused to open its airspace to the coalition. Abdullah, in an interview with the official Petra news agency, also expressed his "pain and sadness" over civilian war casualties in Iraq, whom he described as "martyrs".

Operation Embedded Folly
Welcome to a Vicious Cycle of Violence

Losses in Hilla
Razek Al-Kazem Al-Khafaji, who lost 15 members of his family as his pickup was bombed by a helicopter, throws up his hands as he grieves over his loss in Hilla in the southern province of Babylon on Tuesday. (AFP, Arab News, 4/2/03).
Children killed and maimed in bomb attack on town
By Robert Fisk in Baghdad and Justin Huggler
At least 11 civilians, nine of them children, were killed in Hilla in central Iraq yesterday, according to reporters in the town who said they appeared to be the victims of bombing.

Emperor George
This war is un-American. That's an unlikely word to use, I know: it has an unhappy provenance, associated forever with the McCarthyite hunt for reds under the beds, purging anyone suspected of "un-American activities". Besides, for many outside the US, the problem with this war is not that it's un-American - but all too American.

Baghdad Maternity Hospital Bombed
US aircraft hit a Red Crescent maternity hospital in Baghdad, the city's trade fair, and other civilian buildings today, killing several people and wounding at least 25, hospital sources and a Reuters witness said.


The heads of my two little girls come off
An Iraqi mother in a van fired on by US soldiers says she saw her two young daughters decapitated in the incident that also killed her son and eight other members of her family.

Bush's Ever Shifting Absolutes
Let Us Count the Lies on the Road to War

Why have Iraqi Forces not yet surrendered

What Bush hath wrought:
Once reviled, Hussein now winning many Arabs' support
Before the war, Saddam Hussein was widely despised across the Arab world as the brutal killer of his own people, the "Butcher of Baghdad." But as his Ba'ath regime stands up to the modern armies of the United States and Britain, Hussein is emerging in the region as a modern-day Saladin, the fabled 12th-century Muslim warrior who crushed the Christian Crusaders.

Lessons that Washington has still to learn
America does not understand Saddam's government, which is not a typical military regime in which the army holds power

Tyrant 'to damage holy sites' - Blair
"We now have clear intelligence that Saddam and the Iraqi regime have plans to damage religious sites and blame the coalition."
Is this intelligence as credible as the dossier Blair presented to the UN? The US and UK forces are killing innocent citizens but they want us to believe they can be very careful when it comes to certain 'religious' sites. This is simply a spin for US/UK damages.

U.S. warnings to Iran and Syria
Within two weeks of launching its invasion of Iraq, the Bush administration has issued bellicose warnings to Iran and Syria, effectively putting them on notice that they could be the next targets.

Russia raps US over Iraq raids
Russia has issued a formal diplomatic protest to the United States, saying that air strikes have targeted a residential quarter of Baghdad where its embassy is situated.

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