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Day 13: War Is Not Working
Posted: Tuesday, April 1, 2003

US/UK Invaders Killed 48 More Civilians
Forty-eight more civilians, including women and children, have been killed and 310 wounded in US-British bombings around this town south of Baghdad in the last 24 hours, a hospital director revealed.

Civilian Victims

Iraqi civilian casualties mount BBC
At least 11 members of the same family - mostly children - have been killed in a coalition air strike on a residential district in central Iraq, western news reports say.

British military critical of
US troops' heavy-handed style with civilians

They also made plain they are appalled by reports over the weekend that US marines killed Iraqi civilians, including women and children, as they seized bridges outside Nassiriya in southern Iraq. "You can see why the Iraqis are not welcoming us with open arms," a senior defence source said yesterday.

Mother of all resistance?
It is not difficult to find out why the allied forces are facing stiff resistance at some points because the Iraqi people, who have suffered the most because of the cruel policies of Saddam Hussain would prefer to die at the hands of their government than to accept an enemy occupation.

The Generals Are The Real Reporters

Setbacks on road to Baghdad?
It's all part of the plan

Two weeks into the Iraq war
Where are the weapons of mass destruction?

It will end in disaster
The US and British governments have dragged us into a mess that will last for years

An Iraqi child injured during the US raid
An Iraqi child injured during the US raid
on the Shula market, Baghdad (Alquds Alarabi, 3/29/03).

Tons of 'Shock' but Little 'Awe'
In America we value our children highly, and strive to provide them with a full and happy life. Are Iraqi parents damned to see their children's spirits extinguished and their bodies and minds amputated before they have had a chance to even begin living, while ours enjoy a long and comfortable life?

A Gruesome Scene on Highway 9
10 Dead After Vehicle Shelled at Checkpoint

'You didn't fire a warning shot soon enough!'
A US military spokesman says the soldiers motioned the vehicle to stop but their signals were ignored. However, according to the Washington Post, Captain Ronny Johnson, who was in charge of the checkpoint, blamed his own troops for ignoring orders to fire a warning shot. "You just fucking killed a family because you didn't fire a warning shot soon enough!", he reportedly yelled at them. In another checkpoint incident this morning, US forces say they killed an unarmed Iraqi driver outside Shatra.

Iraq is littered with graves
of Britons killed in another colonial war

The lesson of Lebanon:
'Don't forget to leave'

This War Is Not Working

MP urges troops to disobey orders
In an interview for Abu Dhabi TV, the Glasgow Kelvin MP questioned why Arab countries were selling oil to the coalition forces, and accused Mr Blair and Mr Bush of lying to the armed forces about the likely length of the war. Mr Galloway is standing by his comments, arguing that the war is illegal - and urged British soldiers to refuse to obey "illegal orders."

Bombs Won't Win Us Friends

Arming Iraq and the Path to War
This is an accurate chronology of United States' involvement in the arming of Iraq during the Iraq-Iran war. It is a powerful indictment of the current bush administration attempt to sell war as a component of his war on terrorism. It reveals our ambitions in Iraq to be just another chapter in the attempt to regain a foothold in the Mideast following the fall of the Shah of Iran.

Iraq goes offline
The latest round of bombs appears to have finally cut off Iraqi access to the Internet.

US plan to impose regime on Iraq
A disagreement has broken out at a senior level within the Bush administration over a new government that the US is secretly planning in Kuwait to rule Iraq in the immediate aftermath of the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

When in Doubt
Wave the Flag and Wag the Tail

The logic of your average American war booster leaves a considerable something to be desired. As I was watching one of the seemingly White House-operated cable networks last week, a flag-waving California lass being interviewed said we should prosecute the war in Iraq to the fullest because "there are people over there with guns trying to kill us."

The Six Day War
Historians won't call this The Six Days' War; that name belongs to another Middle Eastern military rout with far-reaching consequences. But by last Wednesday, the outcome of George Bush's invasion of Iraq was decided. The only remaining unknowns are how many months or years it will take America and Britain to figure out that they have already lost, and how many people will die in the interim.

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