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Day 12: Miscalculations
Posted: Monday, March 31, 2003

Syria backs 'Iraqi people' in war CNN
"Syria has chosen to align itself with the brotherly Iraqi people who are facing an illegal and unjustified invasion and against whom are being committed all sorts of crimes against humanity," a foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement carried by the Syrian News Agency.

Seven Dead After Troops Fire On Van
An investigation was launched tonight after US troops opened fire on a van carrying 13 Iraqi women and children, killing seven and wounding two others.

The Miscalculations of Yes-Men
It is becoming difficult to tally all of the decisions made by the Bush administration that have turned out to be dead wrong. Walking away from North Korea at the outset of the administration has blossomed into an embarrassing tactical and diplomatic imbroglio.

Politician Urges Bush War Crimes Trial
The United Nations must try President Bush and his allies as war criminals, a top Indonesian politician demanded Monday as protesters elsewhere denounced the war in Iraq as illegal and voiced concern for its victims.

Three Lessons for America
When Bush administration officials talk about extending regime change to Teheran and Damascus, they are not just celebrating prematurely about victory in Baghdad. They also are showing that they have learned little to nothing from fifty years of post-war relations with the Soviet Union. The Cold War has three lessons to teach Americans who are willing to learn.

Palestinian suicide bomber
The Palestinian suicide bomber, Jamil Ghanem, who was killed in
Natanya yesterday, injuring 30 Israelis (, 3/31/03).

Suicide squads flock to Saddam
A MILITANT Palestinian group yesterday vowed to send suicide bombers to Iraq to kill US and British troops, just hours after one of its supporters blew himself up outside an Israeli cafe and amid growing signs of broader Islamic resistance to the allies waging war on Saddam Hussein.

It's ugly now and it promises to get uglier
The Iraqi resort to suicide bombing is hardly surprising. But the shocked response from US commanders is another sign of their lack of preparedness for war in this region.

Growing Resentment at British 'Liberators' in Basra
"People see this as an occupation. If the government gives us weapons we will fight the Americans and the British," one local man at a British checkpoint said yesterday.

Bushist Party Feeds on Fear and War
Never in American history has a group of government leaders profited so directly from war--never. Like their brothers-in-arms, Saddam's Baathists, the Bushists treat their own country like a sacked town, looting the treasury for their family retainers and turning public policy to private gain. Like Saddam, they feed on fear and glorify aggression. Like Saddam, they have dishonored their nation and betrayed its people.

3 US Marines Die in Copter Crash

Tribal chiefs vow to fight to the death for Saddam
The tribal chieftain in the fawn cloak was decades past his prime, but his fighting spirit was undiminished by age. "If we catch a British man we are going to tear him to pieces with our teeth," he said. Given the experiences of US and British forces in the 11 days since the war began, the threat was not entirely empty.

Search for smoking gun draws a blank
US and Britain's case for war undermined by special forces' failure to find illegal arms at 10 suspected sites

Iraqi civilians
LEFT: Iraqi civilians, displaced and hungry outside Basra (AN, 3/31/03).
RIGHT: A wounded Iraqi girl in central Iraq March 29, 2003. Confused front line crossfire ripped apart an Iraqi family on Saturday after local soldiers appeared to force civilians towards U.S. marines positions. The four-year old girl, blood streaming from an eye wound, was screaming for her dead mother, while her father, shot in a leg, begged to be freed from the plastic wrist cuffs slapped on him by U.S. marines, so he could hug his other terrified daughter. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

US Peace Activists Confirm Iraqi Hospital Bombed
AMMAN, Jordan - Bruised and bleeding, in need of medical care, the Americans stranded in Iraq's western desert approached the mud-brick town and found the hospital destroyed by bombs. "Why? Why?" a doctor demanded of them. "Why did you Americans bomb our children's hospital?" Scores of Iraqi townspeople crowded around.

Heavy price for victory in Iraq

Another market massacre in Baghdad
Last Friday, for the second time in two days, US missiles hit a busy market street in a working class district of Baghdad, killing and wounding scores of innocent civilians-the same slum dwellers that President Bush and Prime Minister Blair had claimed would rise up to overthrow the Iraqi regime as soon as the war began.

Peter Arnett Fired Over Iraqi TV Interview
Peter ArnettNBC News, MSNBC & National Geographic have severed its relations with the veteran reporter after he told Iraqi television that the US war plan against Saddam Hussein had failed.

Peter Arnett: U.S. war plan has 'failed'
"The first war plan has failed because of Iraqi resistance. Now they are trying to write another war plan," Arnett said. "Clearly, the American war planners misjudged the determination of the Iraqi forces."

Britain's Mirror Hires Fired Veteran Arnett

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