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Day 10: Syria and Iran Next?
Posted: Saturday, March 29, 2003

Teach history as we make it
It's hard to imagine any more relevant subject to discuss in our public schools than President Bush's war against Iraq. After all, it is our children who have begun dying in this war.

Tomahawks Fell on Saudi, U.S. Suspends Routes
Some U.S. Tomahawk cruise missiles aimed at Iraq have fallen on Saudi Arabia, forcing planners to suspend certain routes for launches, U.S. military commanders said on Saturday.

Dead people: Don't go there
Did Bush even ask the Iraqis if they want to be liberated? No, because liberation is not the issue here -- the wholesale looting of Iraq is the issue.

An Iraqi child injured during the US raid
An Iraqi child injured during the US raid
on the Shula market, Baghdad (Alquds Alarabi, 3/29/03).

Another Blunder?
IT happened in a marketplace called Al-Nasir - "The Victory" - and at least 10 children were among the dead. Around 58 civilians last night reportedly died after an explosion destroyed this area of Baghdad.

When 'Precision' Bombing Isn't

Gulf War II
U.S. And Britain Defy International Law

Picture President Bush and Saddam Hussein sharing a cell in The Hague after they have been tried and convicted for crimes against humanity.

The siege of Baghdad
Neither Our Bombs Nor Our Media Are As Smart As We Thought They Were

The Blair-witch project

US turns sights on Syria and Iran
THE war in Iraq threatened to spill over into neighbouring countries yesterday when Washington warned Syria and Iran to stay out of the fight.

Missile Strike At Shopping Mall In Kuwait
US officials said the blast appeared to have been caused by a Chinese-made Silkworm missile which was launched from southern Iraq.

Errant U.S. Missile Hit Kuwait City
It was at first thought that the missile had apparently come from Iraq, but a published report now says officials are also looking into the possibility that it could have been a U.S. missile gone astray.

Bush and Blair hold crisis summit

Russia: Putin condemns Iraq war as an "error"

Blair caught lying about soldier's "execution"

U.S. Pilot Kills Brit

Rebirth of the dictator as Arab hero

Rumsfeld raises stakes
warning to Syria over military sales to Iraq

Iran Dismisses U.S. Warnings as Propaganda

Bodies of U.S. troops found in shallow graves

Saddam Appears on Television, Chairing Meeting
Iraqi President Saddam Hussein was shown on Iraqi state television on Saturday chairing a meeting of his ministers and senior aides.

Iraq Suicide Bombing Kills Four US Soldiers

The uprising that wasn't,
mythical chemical weapons and
other items of 'breaking news'

Rumours and half-truths have been seized on and presented as facts with enormous propaganda power. As the tide of war, and of information, moves on, to recall what was true and what was not has often been difficult.

Anti-War Protest
Anti-war demonstrators in downtown Amman, Jordan, on Friday (AN, 3/29/03). Anti-war demonstrators in Pakistan, on Friday (AN, 3/29/03). Anti-war demonstrators in Gaza, Palestine, on Friday (AN, 3/29/03).

No let-up in anti-war protests

Iraqis Delirious with Grief After Missile Attack

The "Shock and Awe" Photo Gallery

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