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Iraq statement to UN Security Council
Posted: Friday, March 28, 2003

Summary of UN Ambassador Mohammed Aldouri's statement to the UN Security Council

MOHAMMED A. ALDOURI (Iraq) thanked the majority of Member States who had expressed the importance of putting an end to the war. He had also listened to the many who were misguided, or misguiding others, and had declared that they had joined the camp of war. They were not expressing the views of their peoples, but only spoke due to other reasons. The United States carrot-and-stick policy had been used to intimidate others. Some States were being occupied by United States forces and had no other option but to abide by the orders of that country.

It was not possible to disregard the inhumane results of the aggression against Iraq, he said. Everyone knew what was happening in terms of destruction and the loss of life. The United States and the United Kingdom wanted to put the humanitarian issue before the world, to misguide it and distract from the main issue of war. The United States wanted to make its aggressive and criminal military action against Iraq a legitimate matter, after it had lost its legitimacy. Therefore, it tried to use another form to achieve its objective. In fact, he believed it must have been a British plan, because "they were known for their trickery". He could not believe that they both were shedding tears over the future of Iraq.

Today, the new colonialists had come as liberators and stated that they would need time to withdraw their forces. If the Council did not pay attention to that, the reality of American-British neo-colonialism of Iraq would become known very soon. The United States had concluded contracts to rebuild infrastructures in Iraq back in 1997 - over six years ago. Those contracts could be found on the Internet. He apologized to those States who had participated with and followed the United States in its vision, because they would get "no part of the cake" if Iraq fell.

Despite the fact that Iraq had not crossed the Atlantic to attack the United States, had no link to the 11 September attacks and had no weapons of mass destruction, United States forces had crossed the Atlantic to control his region. The Council had been fooled when it was told by the United States and the United Kingdom that the Iraqi people would receive their forces with flowers and hugs. The Iraqi army, up until now, had not confronted United States forces. It was the Iraqi people who were facing the forces today. When the United States found itself before a fierce resistance by the Iraqi people, it had started to destroy them.

Yesterday, he continued, United States forces had destroyed 200 houses and continued to destroy residential areas. The Iraqi people would defend the principles of the United Nations and those of peace and security. He warned the Council that the United States and the United Kingdom were about to start a war of extermination against the Iraqi people. Halting the war was most important. He called on the Council to adopt a resolution to halt the war and restore peace. He added that Iraq was committed to the Geneva Conventions, and the world would see nothing from Iraq but what it did in self-defence.

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