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Day 9: Blair & Bush, the War Criminals
Posted: Friday, March 28, 2003

How the US armed
Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons

Crimes Of War
How The U.S. Will Remain 'Unaccountable'

Civilians killed

Dozens of civilians died in coalition attacks: Iraq
75 killed; 290 injured by coalition forces, Iraq says

Civillian Casualties, Censorship, and Patriotism

Thwarting The State
Sharon's Plans New Electrified Fence In Palestine

No 10 backtracks on claim
that two British soldiers were executed

Tony Blair appeared to backtrack yesterday when his official spokesman said there was no "absolute evidence" that two British soldiers who were killed after being separated from their unit in southern Iraq were executed, as the prime minister had earlier suggested.

Our Luke Was Not Executed
THE heartbroken sister of ambushed soldier Luke Allsopp insisted last night: "My brother was not executed." Nina Allsopp hit out at "lies" surrounding his death. Grieving Nina - 29 today - said: "We have been told by the Army that Luke died in action.

Oil ArmyOil War - BBC
The advocates of war insist it's not about oil. But global oil production is on the brink of terminal decline and when the West begins to run short of supplies - Iraq could be a lifeline. After World War I, the oil companies carved up Iraq. Shell, BP, Exxon and Total all had stakes in the Iraq Petroleum Company. They paid pennies for each barrel of oil and built a pipeline to take it away. In 1972 the Iraqis nationalised the industry and threw the foreigners out. From then on Western oil companies could only dream of Iraq’s oil reserves - the second largest in the world.

Film of PoWs within Geneva rules
Media organisations which show pictures of prisoners of war are not breaching the Geneva convention, international law experts confirmed yesterday.

Pictures of U.S. POWs in Iraq

Russian weapons inspector: US will find anthrax
In addition, the coalition could find mustard gas, tabun, sarin, cyclosarin and VX gas. The exact substance as well as the exact quantity is, probably, still undecided. But whatever it is, not a single sample of this weapon will be presented for an independent expertise, believes Russian chemical weapons expert and member of the UN inspection team in Iraq Kirill Scheluchenko.

Congratulations on Your Liberation (flash)

Rumsfeld Warns Syria: Stop Assisting Iraq
Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld warned Syria on Friday to stop providing Iraq with supplies and weapons to use against coalition forces. There are countries assisting the US with this illegal Invasion. Certainly all other countries should assist the Iraqi people in repelling this immoral and illegal invasion.

From "Plain Sailing" to "Where the Hell Are We?"

Iraqi journalists were among those killed
Three Iraqi journalists were among those killed when a US missile struck the Iraqi TV building on Wednesday. These were Ali Safa (left), Wa'il Awad, Talal Al-Masri. (Alquds Alarabi, 3/28/03)

U.S. Media Applaud Bombing of Iraqi TV
"Once again, we see military and political commanders from the democratic world targeting a television network simply because they don't like the message it gives out." The invasion of Iraq is already a crime against humanity and deliberately targeting non-combatants only compounds this.

Since Mr. Rumsfeld managed to remember the Geneva Convention only after a TV interview with some American captives, it is worth knowing how the US/UK coalition observe the rules of this convention.

Blair, the War Criminal
My constituency Labour Party has just voted to recommend that Tony Blair reconsider his position as party leader because he gave British backing to a war against Iraq without clearly expressed support from the UN. I agree with this motion. I also believe that since Blair is going ahead with his support for a US attack without unambiguous UN authorisation, he should be branded as a war criminal and sent to The Hague.

Robert Fisk, The truth about Basra
Two British soldiers lie dead on a Basra roadway, a small Iraqi girl – victim of an Anglo American air strike – is brought to hospital with her intestines spilling out of her stomach, a terribly wounded woman screams in agony as doctors try to take off her black dress.

Iraq statement to UN Security Council

France pushes for UN aid resolution
France is pressing for a rapid resolution at the United Nations of the oil-for-food programme to unlock large amounts of humanitarian aid urgently needed by Iraq.

Civilians killed in Mosul raid
A HEAVY air raid by US and British coalition forces has killed or wounded more than 50 civilians in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul, al-Jazeera television has reported from the scene

US troops attack another bus
Photo by Reuters

US troops attack another bus
The Marines opened fire from machine guns mounted on their Humvees, badly damaging the bus and killing 20 of the 22 Iraqis inside.

Hungry Villagers Praise Saddam
As the first aid convoys rolled into southern Iraq on Wednesday, a cheer went up from several hundred Safwan villagers who jumped on running boards and banged the sides of 18-wheeler trucks. But even before the drivers had opened their doors, several dozen of the assembled turned the cheers into a song: "We give our blood and hearts to Saddam!" they chanted and danced, the volume growing as defiance swept the crowd.

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