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Day 6: Black Hawk Down
Posted: Monday, March 24, 2003

Congratulations Americans!

What would we do without Albania?

Iraqi Chemical Plant Is Clean

U.S. Raps Canada on Iraq, Says Should Quiet Critics

Black Hawk, Apache helicopters missing in sandstorm

Al-Jazeera Web Site Under Hacking Attack

Arab League demands withdrawal of US-led forces
The UN and the Arab League worthless! Why the Arab League still talking? What about all the billions spent on weapons? Don't they have any backbone? We know the answer. The weapons were to protect the regimes from their own people.

UN hampered by Annan's weak leadership
UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan has betrayed the Charter and legacy of the United Nations by failing to declare the US attack on Iraq illegal, and by not calling for an immediate ceasefire. As the UN becomes more and more relevant, its role is threatened by Annan's weak leadership, writes Electronic Iraq's Ali Abunimah.

U.S. Plans to Run Iraq Itself
The United States is preparing to establish immediate sole control of postwar Iraq, initially without recourse to the United Nations, with a civilian administration under the direct command of the military, according to senior administration officials.

War isn't pretty, nor is news of it

The Moral Calculus of Killing
"Precision Bombing" and the American Definition of Innocence

VictimThe casualties include men, women and children who were hit by shells or flying fragments from the impact of US missiles hitting Baghdad. Many of the people were in their homes or in their gardens when they were killed or wounded. Some are still in intensive care. As the bombing continues, more injured people, some critically wounded, are arriving at the hospital. The doctor in charge of the TRIAGE unit, where wounded people brought in are assessed to identify their condition and the type of treatment the injured person needs, said: "There was blood everywhere. Every half hour the floor had to be cleaned; there was so much blood on the floor, in the emergency rooms and in the corridors.
Dr Van Moorter spoke to Dr Faysal Al Sarraf
More of Hospital Visit

Search yields no sign of chemical weapons
Forces from the US 3rd Infantry Division occupied the 100-acre site. According to military officials, the site is surrounded by an electric fence and the buildings within it are camouflaged, raising suspicion that it was still in use. However, a Pentagon official said on Monday that the site had probably been abandoned some time ago. Two military sites described in a CIA assessment last year as part of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programme are now in territory occupied by US and UK forces. Neither site - one at Nasiriya and the other at al-Khamisiya, both in the southern part of the country - has so far provided evidence of WMD production.

What's The Difference Mr Bush?

What's The Difference Mr Bush?
These prisoners were transported to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. They were blindfolded and shackled. And their plight was gloatingly recorded by official US photographers to be circulated around the world.

What Democracy Looks Like
The Streets of Cairo

You should have known we'd fight
The invading forces will never win over Iraqi hearts and minds

The US media: propagandists for a criminal war

¤ Iraqi resistance shatters US propaganda of "liberation" war

One rule for them
Five PoWs are mistreated in Iraq and the US cries foul. What about Guantanamo Bay?

Bush Accuses Russian Firms of Aiding Iraq
Russia is putting American troops at risk by selling antitank guided missiles, jamming devices and night-vision goggles to Iraq, the administration said Monday as President Bush called Vladimir Putin to express U.S. complaints.

Iraq TV shows men said to be Apache pilots
Iraqi television has shown video footage of two men it said were the crew of an Apache helicopter that was downed after running into ground fire during a combat mission southwest of Baghdad.

Battle that wasn't meant to happen
The battle for Umm Qasr, the strategic Iraqi port close to the Kuwaiti border, flared ferociously back into life yesterday after US forces found themselves sucked into a battle with about 120 entrenched opponents.

Aid May Take Weeks to Get Into Iraq
Despite President Bush's assurance that "massive amounts" of humanitarian aid should begin flowing to areas of southern Iraq soon, relief workers and British military officials who will lead the effort said that timetable was impossible.

Black Hawk Down
Iraqis celebrated around an Apache helicopter today in Kerbala,
70 miles southwest of Baghdad. Reuters

U.S. Attempts to Destroy Downed Helicopter

Will U.S. Declare War on Russia?

¤ U.S. in Talks on Using Georgian Bases Against Iraq

International Law a la Carte
As U.S. forces encounter stiffer-than-expected resistance in Iraq, the Bush administration and the U.S. news media are gaining a sudden reverence for international law.

Hypocrisy stalks the land
We no longer speak the same language. Terms like "freedom," "humanity," "democracy" and "liberation" signify the opposite of what they mean to me. I resent this theft and abuse of language.

America the destroyer
LOOK AT WHAT America has become. We are moving on steel treads across a harsh landscape as a creature of destruction, kicking up clouds of unreality through which we see illusions of our efficiency and virtue.
Sorry, but America has been on this course for a very long time

Perle: 'Prince of Darkness' in the spotlight

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