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Day 5: Bush's "Shock and awe"
Posted: Monday, March 24, 2003

An unproven case, a spurious war
One reason why Americans are rallying around the White House, despite the strong doubts reflected in those same polls, is that many Americans also believe things that are simply not true.

Angry, Very Angry
Kathy Kelly, Iraq Peace Team

Outrage in Baghdad
April Hurley, MD, Iraq Peace Team

Hypocrites Of America Crying Foul

Iran to be US next target: CIA Report
The next target of US after capturing Iraq will be replacement of religious government in Iran with a secular government as the US forces in Afghanistan have already started implementation on action plan.

Weapons Of Mass Delusion
The world has been catapulted towards chaos; Iraq won't be the only victim

Victory?THE men in suits assured us it would be swift, precise and decent. Those in khaki, such as General Tommy Franks, boasted the military machine was so efficient it would be "a campaign like no other in history". But, as we have seen in the images thrown up by the most televisual war ever, it's the same old dirty, nasty game.
The elderly riddled with shrapnel and drenched in blood, babies with half their faces burned and mutilated soldiers lying in the trenches, expose how Baghdad and Basra today are simply modern equivalents of Dresden and Coventry. No matter how smart your bombs are, war is about laying waste to cities and people. It is about pain and suffering and the kind of blind panic that has you firing into a river to kill what you think is a stricken pilot.


Russia to Demand UN Legal Assessment of War
A Russian official is quoted as saying his government will ask the United Nations Security Council to make a political and legal assessment of the U.S. led war in Iraq.

Chemical Weapons Plant Discovered 12 years ago
About that Alleged Chemical Weapons Plant Found in Iraq. It was Actually Discovered 12 years ago, Mr. Bush. Also, Who Will be Planting WMD If Saddam Doesn't Have Them?
When a police officer shoots an unarmed man, it is known that some crooked cops put a "throw down" gun in the hand of the dead victim. One can only imagine how many "throw down" WMD the Bush Cartel "WMD inspection team" is caring around with them. Maybe they even have some anthrax from the U.S. military batch that was used to try and kill Democrats and members of the "liberal" media in the fall of 2001. (This is not some crazy conspiracy. In case you have forgotten, the homemade anthrax terrorist used a strain that came from a U.S. military lab. Before this was known, the Bush Cartel implied that, you guessed it, Saddam might be behind the domestic anthrax attacks. Can't imagine why they would do something like that, can you?)

The war of double standards

How to Live with a Rogue SuperPower

The Lords of Vengeance
We have become, with a sudden jolt, a divided nation in this time of war. Demands that Americans leave aside protests, accusations and anger in order to support our military work in Iraq have gone unheeded by great segments of the population. Millions of people have poured into the streets of virtually every city in the country to demand that the bombing be stopped, and that the troops be brought safely home. Those protests have been met by equally enraged citizens who see these protests as an aid to terrorists and an act of treason. Americans scream obscenities at Americans across lines created by armored police.

Photo by Mike Moore (Mirror Photographer)

Pentagon downplays chemical factory discovery
The Pentagon said late Sunday that reports of allied forces having discovered a "huge" chemical weapons factory in central Iraq were "premature."

U.S. Missile Strike Syrians

This is not war as we knew it
Public opinion has not rallied to this dehumanised campaign

American prisoners paraded by Iraqis (Pictures)
The US suffered a series of setbacks yesterday when stiffer than expected Iraqi resistance saw six to 10 marines killed, 14 wounded and 12 missing in action. It was the American military's worst day since the "Black Hawk Down" debacle in Somalia a decade ago.

Al-Jazeera causes outcry
with broadcast of battle casualties

Al-Jazeera, the Arab satellite channel which angered the United States with its coverage of the Afghan war, has caused a new furore by broadcasting blood-and-guts images from the invasion of Iraq. Millions of viewers throughout the Middle East saw pictures of Iraqi and American victims at the weekend that many western news organisations would consider too shocking to publish.

Chechens Vote on a Moscow-Backed Constitution

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