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Day 4: US POWs in Iraq
Posted: Sunday, March 23, 2003

U.S. Action is Crucial to Maintaining World Order

Bush to ask Congress for $80 billion
Bush's War bill will be "Shock and awe"

Halliburton Makes a Killing on Iraq War

Pentagon downplays chemical factory discovery

Chemical Weapons Plant Found in Iraq ???

U.S. "Shock and awe"
bodies of two dead Iraqis
The bodies of two dead Iraqis are seen south of the city
of Najaf in central Iraq, March 23, 2003. Burned-out
vehicles and incinerated bodies littered a plain in
central Iraq on Sunday after U.S. forces overwhelmed
Iraqi militia fighters in a battle south of Najaf. U.S.
armored infantry and tanks took control of the plain in
the early hours of Sunday after a battle of more than
seven hours against Iraqi forces who were armed with
machineguns mounted on the back of Japanese pick-up trucks.
Photo by Kai Pfaffenbach/Reuters

Iraqi Bodies Litter Plain as U.S. Troops Advance

Did Iraqis deserve this?

The shock, the awe, the deaths

So where are Saddam's weapons?

Anti-war protesters refuse to give up


Anti-War Rallies Continue in Cities Worldwide

U.S. "Shock and awe"
US Shock and awe
Did Iraqis deserve this?

Pictures of U.S. POWs in Iraq
An unknown group of U.S. soldiers have been captured by Iraqi forces. The U.S. mainstream media has not shown footage of the event, even though they show footage of Iraqi POWs. For information on this, read the mainstream media.

Congratulations to me and congratulations to you. All of us Americans are about to become the proud mamas and papas of 22 million Iraqis - less, of course, the several thousand our forces kill.

Iran calls for firm U.N. action on Iraq
Iran's Foreign Minister Kamal Kharrazi asked the United Nations not to remain a marginal force and to perform its duties in urging what he called the invading forces to end aggression on Iraq, the official Islamic Republic News Agency reported Sunday. "Unfortunately, even the most primitive human and ethical rules are being violated in the course of the war," Kharrazi said.

USA Steals Iraq's Assets
The Bush administration and its allies have added thievery to its growing list of criminal actions after three days of terrorist and murderous activities in Iraq have left hundreds of civilians injured and at least five dead. These are war crimes. Bush, Rumsfeld, Blair, Hoon and their administrations are terrorists, murderers and war criminals. Washington has stolen 1,740,000,000 USD of Iraqi assets held in the United States of America in 18 banks, claiming that it will be sued for the reconstruction of Iraq after the removal of Saddam Husseinís regime. In a further action of blatant arrogance, Washington asked the international community to close Iraqi embassies and to expel its diplomats, a move which was met with a humiliating and resounding No, almost without exception.

Watch Their Lips
Now that their long-cherished war has started, Bush and Blair feel they no longer need to spit and polish their carefully fabricated moral arguments any more.

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