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Day 3: A Cauldron of Fire
Posted: Saturday, March 22, 2003

Baghdad burns on Friday night, as missiles rained on the city
triggering giant fireballs and deafening explosions. (Reuters)

A Cauldron of Fire
Irresistible, Unquestionable Power

Bin Laden's victory
A political system that delivers this disastrous mistake needs reform

The Threats of Empire Mexico, Watch Out!

On the Road in the West Bank
Nothing Justifies Destruction Like This

Response to war
The balance of power in the world and the control of the key resources of the world are what these empire hawks are about, everything else is secondary or a means to that end. And they amass superior weapons and fight wars because that is the nature of empire building, that is the objective and subjective nature of all industrial-military complexes.
Lies, damn lies, stats and fabrications

Russia demands UN ruling on war

Basra will be 'unlike any other'
Leaving throngs of captured Iraqis behind them in razor-wire pens, U.S. and British forces advanced toward southern Iraq's largest city Saturday while air strikes pounded far-flung targets across the country. The U.S. commander boasted that the overall campaign will be "unlike any other in history."



Donald Rumsfeld, the US Defence Secretary, gloated tonight while Baghdad was subjected to a terrifying 3 hours of massive bombardment by aircraft and cruise missiles. Donald Rumsfeld rejoiced with the knowledge that his "shock and awe" campaign had been a "success". In a terrorist attack of horrendous proportions, hundreds of "targets" have been razed in the city, bearing witness to Rumsfeld's claims that the US/UK forces would unleash an attack of "unprecedented" force and scale as he banged his fist theatrically on the dais in the Pentagon

USA lied about Iraq's weapons
A US-based Norwegian weapons inspector accuses the USA and Secretary of State Colin Powell with providing the United Nations Security Council with incorrect and misleading information about Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), newspaper Dagbladet reports.

My Dear Americans
US President Bush has declared a war on Iraq. He calls it "Operation Iraqi Freedom." In a televised address to the nation he said, "These are opening stages of what will be a broad and concerted campaign." But the truth is far from it. It is not a war. It is willful and premeditated murder, and should be dubbed Operation Iraqi Slaughter.

Baghdad's Night of Terror
It is the heaviest bombing Baghdad has suffered in more than 20 years of war. All across the city last night, massive explosions shook the ground. To my right, the Ministry of Armaments Procurement - a long colonnaded building looking much like the facade of the Pentagon - coughed fire as five missiles crashed into the concrete.

Hell Rains Down on Iraqis

Why We Are At War Explained

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