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Day 2: Coalition of the Villains
Posted: Friday, March 21, 2003

Antiwar Thinking: Acknowledge Despair,
Highlight Progress on Moral Preemption

by Desmond Tutu and Ian Urbina

A Coalition of the Villains
Any chance George Bush gets he describes himself, Tony Blair, and the Spanish leader as 'A Coalition of the Willing.' I beg to differ. A more appropriate designation is 'A Coalition of the Villains.'

Turkey Agrees to U.S. Overflights
¤ Turkey orders troops to enter border territories

Iraqis: Saddam is 'safe and well'

'Shock and awe' air strikes launched

U.S. 'Shock and awe' $400bn war bill
The US is spending more on this war than it raises in taxes, paving the way for a nasty surprise for its taxpayers, writes Randeep Ramesh

¤ It doesn't look like they'll go without a fight
¤ US flag pulled down after being raised at Umm Qasr port
¤ Baghdad Bombed

War is the climax of U.S.-Israeli partnership

¤ Russia's Putin turns on U.S.
¤ An Empty Pledge to Civilians?
¤ Thousands of protesters block roads around the country
¤ Thank God for the death of the UN
¤ Pentagon press briefing: farce, charade and deception
¤ Some Pictures are Worth More Than a Thousand Words
¤ 150 Injured In Egyptian Anti-War Protest: Al-Jazeera
¤ U.S. Arrests Hundreds Of Its Anti-War Protesting Citizens
¤ Bush rewriting war rules step by step
¤ Worldwide, Civil Disobedience
¤ French, Dutch Refuse US Request to Expel Iraq Envoys
¤ Pre-emptive Aggression
¤ The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media
¤ Cruel War? No, This Is to Help You
¤ Russia Wants UN Troops to End Fighting in Iraq
¤ US Action in Iraq May Harm Anti-Terrorism Coalition
¤ Protests target British High Commission

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