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We totally oppose this war
Posted: Wednesday, March 19, 2003

March 18, 2003

From: Ayinde and Trinicenter Staff

As the United States of America embarks on another unjust invasion, let us all remember that civilians will loose their lives in the name of greed. It is the underlying racism in most people that allows them to tolerate these wars. It is always about killing people whom they believe are less human than them.

This war is about demonstrating 'White Power', which started a long time ago with its scourge on indigenous Indians and Africans. Today many know that 'White Power' is based on greed fueled by the belief that White Males are superior to all other people. These ideas were ingrained in both whites and non-whites alike through reinforcing fear together with Judeo-Christian symbolisms. Although many Whites are rejecting this today as they realize it never really benefited them, like most other people, they are still locked into the capitalist system that is governed by these false values. This drive is usually about a few already materially wealthy white males and their desire for more money and 'power'/influence. These excesses can only be sustained through lies and brute force.

No one is safe from these lying, brutal colonial misleaders.

It is sobering to know that many around the world do not support this invasion not because they support Saddam but because they know that the U.S.' motives are disingenuous. They are now witnessing what many Africans have been speaking about for generations.

Lies are the beginning of all wars and because of Bush's 'war and terror' more people today are aware of the manipulations of the U.S. government and the weakness of governments in their own countries. Many are also aware of the dangers of mass media concentrated in the hands of a few who are tied to the politics of the dominant.

Many people will have to take responsibility for this dangerous situation for placing weak, immoral people in leadership roles. They will have to re-evaluate the criterion used for selecting representatives. This lack of responsible leadership allows some 'mis-leaders' to align themselves with Bush and his war party although the majority of people in their countries do not support this war. This certainly is not what democracy is supposed to be about. As a matter of fact, we never had government by the people and for the people during Western 'development'. There is no real democracy anywhere.

The build-up to this war should remind all about the fragility of laws developed during conquest and colonial domination. They were developed to suppress the masses while protecting the affluent (or should I say effluent). The laws that they imposed on the majority were not for they themselves to abide by.

When they loose while playing their own game they rush to change the game and the rules. Conquest and domination are all they understand. This is the reason so much taxed resources go towards producing weapons. Their ever-consuming greed cannot be sustained through legitimate means. Lies and Wars sustain the economic imbalances.

The attempted overthrow of the democratically elected president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez, clearly demonstrated this again.

People have to become conscious of their spending power and continually find ways to stop racist, corrupt misleaders from getting access to more money. These misleaders would like us to believe that Slavery is freedom, their wars bring peace, and democracy exists.

They carry on this charade through their control of the mainstream media.

More people are becoming aware of the need for ordinary people to develop and control media outlets that allows them to put their own agendas on the table. It is important that ordinary people control the mediums for their expressions and continually work to ensure that it has global reaches. It is through this exercise views that are usually neglected get considered. It is through developing these alternative avenues we may one day have democracy.

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