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It's about time the UNHQ be relocated
Posted: Sunday, March 9, 2003

By Davy de Verteuil

The UNHQ (United Nations Headquarters) should be relocated to another country including its functionaries and responsibilities.

The UN is too heavily dependant on/in the United States and as such has lost its appeal as a serious just and protective broker and a guarantor for the function and obligations towards its member states and officials.

Diplomats and heads of government (legitimate officials) belonging to the world body are subjects in a federal US government office that conditionally offers US stipulated guarantee of safety freedom and independence that are meaningless under the Geneva accords.

While the bugging of foreign diplomats at the UN is permissible under the US Foreign Intelligence Services Act, it is a breach of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

1: The Malaysian Prime Minister's Plane was boarded in commando fashion during which diplomats and security personnel were dis-armed searched and put to lie face down, in the melee the Prime Minister was verbally abused while gun-totting federal and security officers held guns at the Malaysian officials heads.

In another incident the Malaysian foreign and Deputy Prime Minister was searched and forced to remove their shoes, shoe laces and waste belt in body searches by airport security guards, both incidents occurred while they were on the way to attend United Nations business.

2: The United States said the two men based at the Iraqi mission to the United Nations in New York, Two Iraqi diplomats have been given 72 hours to leave the United States. In an earlier incident a journalist from the official Iraqi News Agency working at the United Nations, was expelled from the United States.

3: Chile's ambassador to Britain Mariano Fernández told The Observer: "We cannot understand why the United States was spying on Chile. We were very surprised." He said that the position of the Chilean mission to the UN was published in regular diplomatic bulletins, which were public documents openly available.

4: Unnamed "senior administration officials" told the Post they had eavesdropped on French and Russian conversations during negotiations last fall that led to the adoption of Resolution 1441.

5: Irked over Russia's decision to block a UN Security Council resolution authorizing use of military force against Iraq, the United States has warned that Moscow's stand may jeopardize its bid to join WTO.

6: AUSTRALIA has moved closer to war with Iraq after John Howard yesterday dismissed the need for a second UN resolution despite growing international dissent over US determination to topple Saddam Hussein.

7: The report in the Observer, headlined, "US Dirty Tricks to Win Vote on Iraq War," charges that the US National Security Agency (NSA) has been intercepting conversations on both home and office telephones, as well as e-mail messages sent by delegates to their governments. Condoleezza Rice, Bush's national security adviser, reportedly ordered the intensified surveillance operation.

8: More than a decade ago, Hassan Turabi at the time a senior Sudanese government official was accosted and seriously beaten in the presence of ex CIA director William Cassey and other US officials, he was invited to a the low level US government briefing where the actual incident occurred, Mr. Turabi was hospitalized for more than a month.

The vicinity of the UN compound and surroundings have become and intimidating journey to most developing Nations leaders and diplomats and the pointed lack of security seems to be to well disorganized not to raise suspicion as the victims of these mysterious breaches are forever they who are/were on the wrong side of a US sponsored vote or resolution.

Note: Fleischer: "I haven't seen the story. And you already have the answer, about what this will be decided on. But think about the implications of what you're saying. You're saying that the leaders of other nations are buyable. And that is not an acceptable proposition." (Laughter)

The assaults on the UN and its legitimacy by the US, Australia, Britain and Spain in the pursuit for Blood and Oil is all too reminiscent of the need for a reformed world body as the break away fraction clearly highlight the irrelevance of the UN in regard to their interest.

One need only to recall Australia refusal to recognized the systematic extermination of its Aborigines as genocide and open racism. Australia openly implemented its first ever all white policy in the subsequent dismantling of apartheid, which went against the UN Human rights charter, a policy which is still in place today.

John Howard government continue to illegally imprison genuine (non-white) refugees in Australia's no-mans-land desert while others are made to languish out at sea in un-seaworthy vessels.

India have ignored UN resolutions on Kashmir as we speak, Kashmir is like a battle ground fresh out of victory for victorious Indian soldiers where raping of women subsequent beatings and killing of young men and disappearances occurs on an hourly basis. The butchery is sickening and the only incomparable horror to that of those in Palestine is the use of more sophisticated weapons used in the systematic slaughter of these two peoples.

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