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The symbols in the shuttle tragedy
Posted: Saturday, February 1, 2003

Too many negative connections

"A bright light appeared in the sky, 200,000 feet above Texas.
Then a boom and the 'Columbia' hurtled to Earth at
12,500mph, killing all seven crew members on board"

--- By David Randall, Severin Carrell, and David Usborne

Jung and the Space Shuttle
Symbol and Synchronicity with the Columbia Disaster

--- by Jerry Kroth

Am I happy because it happened?


Am I sad because it happened?


The Indian government was planning to gloat about their superior space experiences over Pakistan when they both have very earthly problems to resolve. The Indian government still supports the Caste system and the oppression of the Dalits among other things.

The Israeli government was planning to gloat over their close ties to the U.S. and superior technology in the face of occupying Palestine and the killing of innocents.

The U.S. wanted to further demonstrate to the wider world their superior technology and alliances, gloating in the face of widespread protests over their blatant double standards and bullying tactics.

The planned gloating came to an end.

Representatives of three major players symbolically died at the crossroads between our horizon and the wider space.

This does not mean that all the players involved in the mission were directly part of the wrongs but they were aligned to powers of abuse.

Abusive Governments were planning to misuse the spectacle of that space trip at a time of widespread suffering.

The symbols are hard to resist, but ignorant people should try to keep their feet on the ground and work out their troubles and not use the Universe as a symbol for oppression.

The plans by the U.S., Israel, and India, to use the success of the space trip in their superiority propaganda campaign while they are all engaged in oppressing others, has been thwarted.

The Universe has rejected being used as a symbol for oppression.

They will now try to exploit sympathy, which is an earthly mortal emotion.

Their glories are earthbound where they belong.

All those who provoke wars must now seriously think about their own mortality.

We have gotten a time-out for reflection.

Give thanks.
- Ayinde

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