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Kola Boof Responds to Traitor Charges
Posted: Monday, October 28, 2002

Press Release--September 20, 2002
Prepared by Yi Nee Ling, Publicist.

On Sept. 15th 2002...Hisham Noor, a Diplomat of the Sudanese Government, published an article featuring and attacking Sudan's top woman writer, Kola Boof, in the Arabic daily newspaper "AlSharq Al-awsat" (which is London's largest Arab newspaper). In this article, Sudan's diplomat blasted Ms. Boof and openly painted her as...a traitor to Sudan...a "fake" who doesn't really exist, because no Sudanese woman would carry herself as trashy as Boof does..."a prostitute working to create propoganda against Arabic Islam on behalf of the United States government"...a mentally unstable habitual liar...he spoke quite heatedly on behalf of...the government and the citizens of Sudan.

This morning, from California, Kola Boof responds for public record.

Official Statement of Kola Boof:

First let me say for the record...that I am a traitor to the Arab Muslim government of Sudan...because as God knows...the practice of ethnic cleansing, socially accepted racism and colorism, and of course, timeless sexism by the Arab ruling class in Sudan is like a gasoline-tainted veil that is burning away the layers of our true mother's African face. And if there is anyone who believes in God...then they know that Sudan is currently governed not by Allah, but by Satan.

Many of the world's most intelligent leaders have claimed that the holocaust that happened in Nazi Germany could not possibly happen again, but they were wrong about that. I assure you, as a witness...that there is a new holocaust of ethnic cleansing taking place in the hands of God...and it's taking place, this time, in Sudan. It's been going on for more than twenty years now. I'm a witness to that, too. And with my heart on fire with rage...I am sad to report, via very reliable sources, that just last week there were more bombings in Sudan's royal southern region, there were more fathers killed, more mothers and children abducted, raped and some mutilated with savage beatings--the kind of savage beatings that only the Arabs Muslims know how to administer, trust me. There were even little boys 10 and 12 years old sodomized by their Arab masters. For those wishing to see for is the news report....

The problem, however, is that the victims of the world's new holocaust are mainly charcoal colored Africans...and therefore, no one with any real power on this planet cares. God knows that Kola Boof doesn't have any power. But that is why I have no choice but to be a traitor to my country. As Allah is my witness, I have no choice.

It hurts me to be so hated, disowned and lied on by the Arab Muslim community of my birthplace. But I am not mentally unstable...I am not a prostitute...and I am not Islam's loyal fool. I am not America's puppet...I I stated before, my own Queen. That is the example that I wish to set for little African girls. I am the one who represents the Black African mothers, daughters and wives of Sudan...I am the Black man's mother....and I do not believe that any peace agreements in Machakos will improve the real lives of Sudan's oppressed and enslaved southern tribesmen. In fact, as much as I have honored the heroic efforts of our great African lord, Dr. John Garang...I do not believe that any peace agreements will even be carried out if they are so reached. That is the way of Africa and paper agreements. You might as well use it for toilet paper!

I believe that the racist Arab Muslims of the North can never peacefully coexist as equal brothers and sisters with the authentic Black Africans of the South. And what has become of Sudan's's a disgrace. Mother Africa and Isis cry over it every day...that there is no one, not the Nubian, the Nuer or the Dinka who can stand up to the blatantly unchecked evils of the lightskinned North. I believe that Sudan will never know any peace or justice as long as Arab Muslims are the sole rulers and architect of the thinking man's Sudan. That is what Kola Boof believes and has to say, and yes....America is my husband now. I am a traitor to Sudan. I am my own Queen, my own unique creation. Hopefully, someday, so too shall Sudan be. tima usrah...may God save Sudan, my mother, for she is the Sun!

Kola Boof:

Kola Boof is the author of "Every Little Bit Hurts" (Poems), "Long Train to the Redeeming Sin: Stories About African Women" and coming in 2003.."DIARY of a Lost Girl". Kola Boof survived an attempt on her life when three Arab Muslim gunmen opened fire on her in Indian Hills, California. Ms. Boof, to their surprise, returned gunfire and escaped unharmed. Ms. Boof is an official supporter of the Sudanese People's Liberation Army. Her late father, Egyptian archeologist Atmu Bahri Kolbookek was a member.

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