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Rumsfeld should certainly know about North Korea
Posted: Saturday, October 19, 2002

Rumsfeld was a director of a company that designed nuclear power plants for North Korea, an 'axis of evil' country:

Hmmm. • This page is a list of directors of the multinational company ABB, an engineering company which among other things, designs nuclear power plants — Scroll down a bit to the 'management' section... Donald Rumsfeld was a director of this company from 2000-2001.

• Read this page about Don Rumsfeld too — 'Mr. Rumsfeld is in private business and is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gilead Sciences, Inc. He serves as a member of the boards of directors of ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) Ltd. (Zurich, Switzerland), Amylin Pharmaceuticals, and Tribune Company ... ' (OK, this page might be out of date, but there's no secret he was a director of ABB)

• Now check this out: Shinpo nuclear power plant, North Korea. There are a couple of mentions of ABB in this document — notably that the plant is based on a design by ABB.

• Here's a piece from 1996: DOE approves US involvement in the construction of reactors in North Korea. 3rd paragraph down: 'ABB Combustion Engineering Nuclear Systems (C-E), a wholly owned subsidiary of Norwalk, Connecticut-based ABB (Asea Brown Boveri) Inc., was authorized to provide a broad range of technology, equipment, and services for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the two reactors to be built in North Korea.

• Then there's this one from 2000: Investing in North Korea: as easy as ABB?

• And none of this is a secret in Mr. Rumsfeld's resumι.

• Of course, no-one could be cynical enough to think this has any effect on US policy or anything, but … does this mean that Donald Rumsfeld was a director of a company that designed nuclear power plants for North Korea, an 'axis of evil' country?

ABB of course is based in Switzerland and Sweden, neutral countries which probably don't have strong restrictions on trading with North Korea. So effectively Rumsfeld's company was selling nuclear technology to a state which follows an ideology which is extremely hostile to everything the US is supposed to stand for, using the fact that the company is based in neutral countries. This isn't against the letter of the law (as the appropriate licenses were granted and the company is based in neutral countries anyway), but to me, it seems ethically bankrupt.
—Steven G.

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