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Get out, on the count of three: 1, 2, 2¼, 2½, 2¾...
Posted: Wednesday, April 10, 2002

By Aisha

Nice one Bush!

I wonder if Bush really takes the entire world population for fools.
He may be right about most, but there are still some of us who know a bluff and a wink when we see it.

Sharon once told the public in Israel that Dick Chaney said to bomb the hell out of the Palestinians, or something similar. At least I know that simple-minded Bush and his pressure groups are not serious about getting the Israeli troops out of Palestine.

Bush is surely laughing at the rest of the world leaders who can only talk, then get together in groups and more talk, hold conferences and more talk, while Sharon bombs away.

The Colin Powell bluff to Arab Nations failed miserably. If Bush could have sent Powell to the moon to give Sharon 'the brute' more time to kill all the Palestinians he would have done so.

You may ask why have I taken such a cynical position. It is quite simple, when the U.S. told Saddam Hussein, another brute, to get out of Kuwait they gave him a deadline, and when it passed they rained bombs on 'him'. The people in Iraq are still suffering the effects of those bombings. America did not have the type of world support at that time which is being demonstrated today for the immediate withdrawal of Israeli troops.

Kofi Annan is another comedian. After he took the position to be America's mouthpiece he finds himself at odds with the same America whom he knows is squarely behind Sharon's brutal assault. So he pleads and pleads but the ‘lamb’ (a Christian label for America) is still silent. I hope he does not expect the U.S. to help bomb Israel. The U.S. government mostly bombs to secure trading interest.

They are very hesitant to bomb upper and middle class Whites like how the Jews are portrayed. The American public would not stand for it. Apart from which the U.S. finances Israel to do their dirty work in that region. As bad as Israel behaves, Arab unity is still a threat to the U.S. oil interest so they feel they need Israel to keep Arabs distracted and forever buying U.S. arms. Great for business, isn't it? Think of it! They finance Israel’s war machinery and give her the best then they have Arabs spending oil revenue to ensure they have something with which to fight amongst themselves and to put on show.

According to a Jewish story, sixty-five years ago the rest of Europe stood by while one of the countries of Europe decided to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth. Nine out of every ten Europeans Jews went to their deaths at the hands of their fellow Europeans.

Today European Nations stand by while European Jews try to wipe out another group of people whom they have persecuted over the years. They have learnt well from Hitler.

Sharon is a war criminal in the eyes of many however; I would not hold my breath for Bush and his allies to take him to Hague.

Hitler is really having the last laugh!

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